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Coollaser Clinic took part in the development of a patent for the creation of a unique innovative biotechnological technology.

Птент Coolaser Clinic

We were the first in Ukraine, in partnership with VALIKHNOVSKI SURGERY INSTITUTE and the biotechnological company GENOM, to investigate, develop and patented an innovative method of laser routing of stem cells and auto fibroblasts. This technology, after successful clinical studies, has confirmed the feasibility of using a CO2 laser in order to route and activate regenerative processes in the human body with the introduction of stem cells and autofibroblasts.

This innovative method has been patented.

The co-authors of the patent were:

Honored Doctor of Ukraine Valikhnovsky R.L.

Founder of Coollaser Clinic Borsalo A.V.

A.O. Kovalchuk, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Патент Борсало Алексей


Ковальчук Андрей Олегович фото
Kovalchuk Andrey Olegovich

Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences Kovalchuk Andrey Olegovich is a biotechnologist, a leading specialist in the field of cell medicine at the Coolaser Clinic, director of the GENOM stem Cell Bank (a Western Ukrainian biotechnology company), head of the umbilical cord blood, tissues and human cells bank at the I.Y. Gorbachevsky State Medical University.

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