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    Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Coolaser Clinic

    Popular services

    Tightening the skin, removing lumps

    Microneedle RF-lifting More detailed

    Skin compaction, reduction of pores

    CO2 laser resurfacing More detailed

    Removal of pigment spots and blood vessels

    Photorejuvenation (IPL) More detailed

    Tightening the oval face

    SMAS-lifting More detailed

    Rejuvenation ot the cellular level

    Stem cells More detailed

    Energy, slimness, healthy skin

    Bioidentical pellets More detailed

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    About the Coolaser Clinic

    Photo of the Coolaser Clinic hall
    professional team of doctors in Coolaser clinic Kyiv
    work of doctors in Coolaser clinic Kyiv
    Stem cell treatment at Coolaser clinic
    work of doctors with stem cells Coolaser clinic Kyiv
    Borsalo Alexey co-author of a patent on cellular rejuvenation

    Why do patients choose Coollaser Clinic?

    We use the latest technology to rejuvenate the face and body - laser resurfacing, scar and stretch marks removal.

    Why is the clinic engaged in laser and cell medicine?

    Oleksiy Borsalo, the founder of the Kyiv Clinic of Laser Cosmetology and Cell Medicine Coollaser Clinic.

    Is a co-author of a patent for the technology of injection of own fibroblasts and stem cells in combination with the Coolaser CO2 laser treatment. This technology is patented as an innovative method of complex rejuvenation.

    More about the clinic

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    Coolaser clinic бореться проти Covid19
    Why did the first Ukrainian capsule for the transportation of coronavirus patients visit Coollaser Сlinic?

    We are proud to share the news that our founder, Oleksii Borsalo, together with the team, launched into production and launched the industrial production of the first domestic capsules for […]

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    How to choose a laser for hair removal and skin care?
    Which laser to choose?

    How to choose a laser for hair removal, tattoo removal and skin care Which laser to choose for hair removal, tattoo removal and skin care is a rather rare question […]

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