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Placental therapy is becoming an increasingly popular procedure. In order to answer the question, what is placental therapy, let’s talk about what is the placenta? The placenta, or baby seat, is a temporary organ that provides nourishment and oxygenation to the fetus from the mother during pregnancy. The maternal placenta is a storehouse of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids necessary for the formation of a new life.

So, placental therapy is a technique for introducing drugs based on the human placenta into the human body.

Peptide substances contained in the placenta activate the growth and division of living cells, thereby regenerating it. This therapy prolongs the youthfulness of the skin and is a good prevention of aging.

What happens to the skin:

  1. The skin becomes firm and elastic
  2. Wrinkles are smoothed
  3. The skin gets a healthy look
  4. Age spots go away
  5. Lifting effect is carried out
  6. The production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is activated

What placental drugs do we work with?

There is also an industrial placental therapy in ampoules. Our clinic uses only high-quality, proven and original drugs in its work.

Laennec drug

Laennec – this original drug was created by Japanese scientists and is a hydrolyzate of the human placenta of the highest level of purification.

The drug is completely natural and safe for the human body and is ideal for placental therapy.

 It is produced according to a patented technique; the material for its manufacture is selected very carefully and according to all standards. Side effects are minimized and the results are amazing.

The use of this drug:

– normalizes sleep;

– relieves chronic fatigue;

-increases immunity;

-prevents skin aging;

Melsmon drug

Melsmon – this placental drug is also used by our clinic for therapeutic purposes along with the drug “Laennec”. It reduces wrinkles, reduces pigmentation, smoothes scars, eliminates dermatitis and acne.

The positive effect of the placental drug in neurology has been noted: it fights insomnia, migraine, and depression.

Melsmon is also useful for:

– reproductive system

-improves well-being in menopause

– reduces the symptoms of hormonal disorders and polyps.

Who does Coollaser Clinic work with?

Coollaser Clinic cooperates with the licensed biotechnology company Genom in Ternopil, which began its activities on the basis of the Ternopil Medical University named after I. Gorbachevsky. The Genom company specially develops under the order and transfers to our clinic masks from the human placenta for external use.

Contraindications to the procedure

There are a number of contraindications for placental-based drugs. These include:

1.individual intolerance to components

2.pregnancy and lactation


4.oncological and autoimmune diseases

  1. age up to 18 years

How many sessions are included in the course of placental therapy

Placental therapy Melsmon is based on the method of frequent course of exposure to the skin of the face. The procedure is performed using the finest needle in the area of the skin requiring correction.

Laennec drug – with the use of intravenous droppers

Human placenta – we apply masks externally

The therapeutic course of placental therapy includes 5-10 sessions, and only a doctor can determine this after consultation.

Frequency 1-2 times a week.

The duration of the session is 30-60 minutes.

We are waiting for you in our Coollaser Clinic in the very center of Kyiv on Pechersk.

Placental therapy will help you become even more beautiful!

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Specialists in the procedure

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Kovalchuk Andrey Olegovich

Associate Professor, surgeon, biotechnologist

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