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Coollaser Clinic Patient Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy at Coollaser Clinic is very important. We value the trust of our patients and our reputation.

Our priority rule: to provide quality and effective medical care to patients without violating the confidentiality and transfer of personal information to third parties.

We follow this rule, but only within the framework of the law of Ukraine. When hiring, all our specialists are informed about the observance of this rule and the form of punishment provided by the legislative system of Ukraine. As an agreement, each of our employees signs the document with his signature.

Шилина Юлия Михайловна

Coollaser Clinic (hereinafter – the Administration) License of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 12.07.2018 № 1306 provides confidentiality of personal information of patients, which can be identified when using the official website of the clinic or recording to a specialist by phone.

The Administration has the right to change the Privacy Policy at its own discretion and without notice. All changes made to the Privacy Policy will be announced on the official website of the clinic and will take effect from the moment of publication.

The patient of the clinic (hereinafter – the User) confirms his agreement with the changes to the Privacy Policy, continuing to use the official service.

Data collection and processing

When using the site, making an appointment with a specialist through the official website and social network, making an appointment through the official phone number, the User agrees to the Administration to collect and process personal data in ways permitted by the legislation of Ukraine.

Similarly, the User agrees to the processing of information (including the Internet – line) containing his personal data, including storage, collection, systematization, accumulation, clarification, technical use, distribution, depersonalization, blocking, destruction of personal information, provided by the user.

The Administration undertakes to guarantee the security of collection, processing and storage of personal data provided by the User.

Personal data

The User’s personal data will be used by the Administration within the framework of the legislation of Ukraine:

  1. To improve the quality of the Service;
  2. Provision of personal data of the User to the specialist to whom the User is registered for reception;
  3. Providing the User with expert assessments;
  4. Providing the User with the opportunity to file claims for services rendered or specialists;
  5. Protection of the rights, as well as the legitimate interests of users and other interested persons, based on the current legislation of Ukraine.

Consent to the collection and processing of personal data

The Administration’s Privacy Policy includes the following information:

  • Surname, Name and Patronymic of the User;
  • Telephone number provided by the User;
  • Internet mail address provided by the User;
  • Date of birth and other passport data provided by the User.

To provide some medical services, the User must confirm the legal capacity and age of majority by providing an official document confirming the identity – passport of Ukraine.

In other cases, it is necessary to provide the passport of Ukraine and the written consent of the parents or guardians of the User to whom medical services will be provided.

Safety and responsibility

The Administration takes all legally necessary measures to prevent the seizure and theft of personal data of the User.

Administration of the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine Coollaser Clinic License of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 12.07.2018 № 1306 can guarantee 100% security of personal data transfer in the clinic via the Internet, mobile communication or other wireless device.

What we do not recommend:

The user is not recommended to provide confidential information about their personal data on suspicious sites and / or pass it on to third parties, as in this case the Administration is not responsible for the security and safety of personal data.

We guarantee:

Coollaser Clinic always strictly adheres to the privacy policy of its patients, keeps medical confidentiality and is responsible for the security of your data.

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