Laser phlebology

Laser phlebology – surgical removal of large veins in the legs

Laser phlebology solves the main problems associated with the appearance of vascular “asterisks”, dark spots, tubercles and seals.

These signs are a clear sign of varicose veins.

This is a lesion of the veins or, in other words, the vessels supplying blood to the heart, with a characteristic increase in the diameter of the vessel lumen, thinning of the venous wall and the formation of nodes.

This disease is dangerous by the formation of blood clots – dense formations resulting from thickening of blood in an enlarged vein. There is a risk of a blood clot breaking from the vessel wall, which, moving along the bloodstream, closes the lumen of the pulmonary artery, which most often leads to instant death. Therefore, you don’t need to ignore even the appearance of the first signs of the disease, but immediately turn to specialists for help.

Despite the fact that the number of vascular diseases is progressing, modern medicine is successfully coping with their treatment. Doctors carry out the treatment of damaged vessels of any complexity. High-tech equipment allows for minimally invasive laser treatment technologies.

хирургическое удаление крупных вен на ногах

If you have been diagnosed with:

  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • thrombosis or thrombophlebitis
  • varicose veins or trophic ulcer –

don’t postpone treatment, consult with a phlebologist.

Also, specialist advice is needed for those who suffer:

  • swelling of the legs and feet
  • prone to cramps and frequent leg pain
  • has dilated veins
  • Feels tired legs and a feeling of heaviness, especially towards the end of the day
  • noticed vascular “stars” appeared on the skin
  • has darkened or thickened areas of the skin
Флебология лазерная – хирургическое удаление крупных вен на ногах

For the purpose of prevention, regular visits to a phlebologist are recommended for people who have an increased risk of developing vascular diseases.

These include:

  • hereditary predisposition
  • sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work
  • work related to weight lifting
  • pregnancy and childbirth
  • overweight
  • hormonal disorders

Radiofrequency obliteration (ablation) of the veins of the lower extremities

This is the leader among the modern latest methods of treating varicose veins without performing an open operation. And the most effective alternative to phlebectomy, in which the removal of diseased veins is performed surgically. Laser phlebology solves these problems without surgical removal.

It’s based on the use of radio frequency radiation, which, generated by a special device, acts strictly on the affected vein using a micro device (catheter) inserted directly into the vessel.

This procedure is performed using ClosureFast ™ – high-tech equipment that allows you to close a diseased vein and redirect blood flow through nearby healthy vessels.


The essence of Radiofriquency obliteration

This method involves heating the affected vein with radio waves. The varicose vein collapses, closes, and gradually either resorption or replacement by connective tissue occurs. This procedure doesn’t require general anesthesia, the patient doesn’t hospitalise, which allows him to lead a normal life.

Stages of the operation using ClosureFast ™ equipment

  • An ultrasound examination is performed of the leg
  • Doctor marks the veins with a skin marker if necessary
  • Doctor uses a local anesthetic, to reduce the sensitivity of the skin(a cold saline solution is injected subcutaneously around the vein, which has a protective and analgesic function)
  • The phlebologist, making a small puncture of the skin, provides access to the diseased vein
  • A ClosureFast ™ catheter is inserted into the affected vessel, advancing to the starting point of treatment. With the help of ultrasound, its location is specified
  • Vienna is “sealed” by means of controlled heating
  • The catheter is withdrawn and the vein is closed

Benefits of radiofrequency obliteration (ablation) of the veins of the lower extremities

  • The procedure is minimally invasive and performe on an outpatient basis.
  • A positive result comes very quickly.
  • Beneficial effect – long lasting and confirmed by scientific data.
  • Pain, bruising, complications are extremely rare.
  • The quality of patients life improve much faster, compared to laser ablation.
  • Most patients observe a significant reduction in the unpleasant symptoms associated with varicose veins already in the first or second week after the procedure.

This operation does not take much time, is easily tolerated by patients, has a short rehabilitation period, doesn’t cause bleeding and doesn’t leave scars.

If you have a vascular veins disease, don’t postpone treatment until later – it’s fraught for your health. You can get qualified treatment at the Coollaser Clinic in Kyiv, equipped with modern high-tech equipment. On Saturdays, the reception is held by the candidate of medical sciences, doctor-surgeon of the highest category, doctor of ultrasound diagnostics Pyatnichka Oleg.

доктор-хирург высшей категории, доктор-УЗД Пятничка Олег Зиновьевич.

A preliminary consultation is required and is carried out in advance by phone. You need to prepare and send us a photo of the veins on the legs to Viber or WhatsApp. We will look at the photo and if we take up the solution to the problem, then we will organize a preliminary consultation with a doctor, perhaps even a primary one by phone.

Contact the Coollaser Clinic for varicose veins. Laser phlebology is a reliable solution to problems with veins in the legs.

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