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Treatment of rosacea, couperose, telangiectasia and spider veins in Kyiv.

Treatment of rosacea, couperose, telangiectasia and spider veins, as well as the removal of spider veins on the face, is carried out using the IPL technology.

Телеагектазия. До и после удаления

The face is a visiting card of a person, therefore each of us strives to ensure that it is always young, beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately, quite often, we may encounter such a problem as “spider veins” or a capillary mesh, which gives its owners a lot of trouble and discomfort.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins (telangiectasias) are bright skin formations that occur as a result of the expansion of superficial blood vessels.

Лечение сосудистых звездочек
Treatment of spider veins

It is generally accepted that telangiectasias do not pose any danger and are exclusively a cosmetic defect of the skin. However, we must not forget that spider veins are symptoms of some kind of disease. As a rule, “spiders” on the human body signal about some kind of disease or pathology.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the development of this pathology. These include:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • obesity, to varying degrees, leads to disruption of vascular function;
  • lack of vitamin C;
  • acute or chronic liver disease;
  • venous disease;
  • taking certain medications;
  • pregnancy, childbirth.

Features of the treatment of spider veins with a laser or IPL

Today IPL (it is more often called laser) procedure is the most effective and safe method for removing telangiectasias. Among other things, one must remember that it is necessary to eliminate the disease or pathology itself, as the cause of the possible recurrence of spider veins.

Our clinic has experience in removing telangiectasia using pulsed pulsed light IPL using specific wavelengths. A special laser beam, when processing the required area of the skin, penetrates into the blood vessel and is absorbed there by the hemoglobin of the blood. Due to IPL radiation, heat energy begins to be generated inside the vessel, which leads to blood clotting and its further adhesion. As a result, vascular formation gradually begins to disappear.

удаление мелких сосудов фото до и после

For this procedure, our clinic uses the newest, the only one in Ukraine, Venus Versa laser apparatus, as well as an exclusive SR-580 nozzle, which uses pulsed pulsed light with a length range from 580 to 950 nanometers.

The course of the procedure Treatment of rosacea, couperose, telangiectasia and spider veins

The clinic, having vast experience in carrying out such procedures, provides an individual approach to each patient. The process is considered virtually painless, since it does not involve any incisions or injections in the area of the defect.

Лечение купероза
Rosacea treatment

The nozzles used for the treatment incorporate a patented intelligent pain relief system by cooling the treated area. But, nevertheless, for the complete comfort of the patient, it is possible to additionally use a special anesthetic cream.

How long does the procedure take?

Laser removal of rosacea, couperose, telangiectasia and vascular stars is a fairly quick procedure, as it takes only 10-15 minutes. Thanks to the use of such a modern device as Venus Versa, a visible result can be achieved already in 1-2 procedures, while other lasers give an effect only after 5 procedures.

How is recovery after manipulation?

Due to the fact that the procedure is non-invasive (without penetration through the skin), the rehabilitation period does not take a long time. Sometimes after the procedure, there may be slight redness on the skin, itching or swelling, but these are not serious and disappear in just a few hours. As a result, due to the treatment carried out, the following can be expected:

  • complete disappearance of spider veins;
  • the skin is cleansed, returns its former beauty and aesthetics;
  • after laser exposure, there are no visible defects in the form of scars or pigmentation.

Summing up all of the above, we can firmly state that laser removal of vascular formations using the Venus Versa laser device is absolute:

  • safety (the skin remains clean without any scars or other imperfections);
  • painlessness (patients do not feel any discomfort);
  • quickness of carrying out (duration of manipulation takes only 10-15 minutes);
  • efficiency (you can completely get rid of skin defects once and for all in just one session).

Cooдlaser Clinic has sufficient experience in laser procedures. At the same time, the staff constantly improves their professional level and masters all new methods of cosmetic treatment of telangiectasias. And using only the best lasers and devices, we guarantee our patients an excellent and desired result. This treatment works well with other laser treatments such as nano fractional laser rejuvenation.

Laser treatment of rosacea, couperose, telangiectasia and spider veins

Удаление сосудистых звездочек
IPL spider veins removal

Removal of blood vessels with a laser and a capillary mesh with a laser occurs, as a rule, taking into account the type of blood vessels and the depth of their location. There are two types of blood vessels in the vascular system of the human body:

– the arteries are deep in the body, delivering oxygenated blood from the heart to various parts of the body (they are not removed)

– veins are closer to the skin and carry blood to the heart for cleaning (removed)

The capillary network or capillaries are the smallest vessels that are a direct continuation of the arteries with a diameter ranging from 5 to 10 microns, they are located in all tissues, including those close to the skin. (subject to correction and removal)

Удаление сосудов

How is the non-surgical treatment of rosacea, couperose, telangiectasia with a laser?

Due to impaired vein patency, blood flow through damaged veins or capillaries can make them more visible and unaesthetic. The people call this pathology – “burst” vessels. There are several ways to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon. Most often, vascular networks are located on the legs, and capillaries and hemangiomas are located on the face.

One of the methods for removing blood vessels with a laser is called selective photothermolysis. This method was specially developed for the removal of small subcutaneous capillaries, vascular lesions and even shallow hemangiomas.

In our clinic, we use laser treatment with a wavelength of 980 nanometers, as well as the use of pulsed pulsed light with a wavelength of 580 – 950 nm. Laser therapy and IPL therapy uses laser light energy to treat and block the walls of unwanted small veins. A laser pulse selectively raises the temperature of a blood vessel and, as it were, glues (coagulates) it without damaging the skin, which in turn makes it possible to eliminate diseased vessels with virtually no pain.

When the target veins are closed off to blood flow, your body eventually redirects blood flow to other nearby veins. Treated veins dissolve over time, leaving skin more translucent and clear.

Лечение Розацеа
Rosacea treatment. 2 sessions of IPL therapy

What can you expect during laser vascular removal?

Non-surgical removal of blood vessels and spider veins with a laser for patients in Kyiv. The process is considered almost painful or quite bearable. The procedure is non-invasive and does not involve the destruction of the skin in the form of injections or incisions. However, anesthetic cream is sometimes used to make the procedure completely comfortable. It is applied to the treated areas for hypersensitive patients. As part of the treatment, the doctor will manipulate the laser along your ruptured blood vessels. Bright pulses of light will accompany the delivery of laser energy throughout the entire procedure. The length of your procedure will depend on the number and size of the areas you want to treat. Sometimes it is recommended to break up the treatment into several stages to enable the body to recover quickly. As a rule, this applies to patients with more serious problems.

How is the recovery after the removal of blood vessels and capillary network?

Removal of the so-called “burst” vessels is an outpatient procedure that does not require a long recovery period. After treatment, you may notice some redness, bruising, itching, or swelling, but these effects should be temporary and the veins should disappear with the first procedure. In rare cases, the reappearance of a visible red or bluish ruptured vessel and, as a rule, of a smaller size is allowed. This means that this procedure will have to be repeated in a few days to consolidate the result. The repeated procedure can be carried out free of charge if agreed with the doctor.

Veins are small, highly colored red or blue veins that are easily visible on the surface of the skin. The blue reticular (netto-like) veins lie just below the skin layer. Many arachnoid vein complexes originate from the main reticular vein.

The most common question that is asked: “What causes the vascular network?”

 Hereditary and female hormones are certainly the main factor in the occurrence, but along with this there are many other causes. The emergence of a vascular network, or as it is called in the West “spider veins” for example, is often associated with varicose veins, which is directly dependent on high blood pressure. Ultrasound examination is often required to assess the origin of the spider veins.

Laser vascular removal is combined with CO2 laser resurfacing procedures.

We are waiting for you at the rosacea treatment procedures. Our clinic is located on Pechersk.

The cost of removing rosacea, rosacea and spider veins
Udaleniye kuperoza, rozatsea i sosudistykh zvezdochek /vse litso/ 61 / 5000 Результаты перевода Removal of rosacea, rosacea and spider veins / whole face / 2000 UAH
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