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Removal of neoplasms from the face and body plays an important role in a person’s self-awareness. The presence of warts, papillomas, hemangiomas and pigmentation has never brought anyone pleasure.

Each country has its own, special secrets of getting rid of imperfections. They range from wild ways we don’t understand to simple methods.

Our grandmothers preferred to fight neoplasms with folk remedies. All kinds of conspiracies, solutions, herbal ointments. The most interesting removal methods include the waning moon, onions, oak broom and apple.

In the modern world of hardware cosmetology, a neoplasm can be removed in one or two sessions with an experienced specialist.

Coollaser Clinic recommends to trust the professionals of hardware cosmetology. In our clinic, you can check neoplasms with a dermatoscope and, if necessary, submit a biomaterial for biopsy.

Дерматоскопия фото
Перед удалением новообразование обследуется дерматоскопом, транслирующем изображение на экран телефона для дальнейшего сохранения.

Before removal, the neoplasm is examined with a dermatoscope, which transmits the image to the phone screen for further preservation.

How are neoplasms different?

Skin neoplasms can be of different types and origins. Sometimes the growths are so similar that only a doctor can determine the exact appearance.

Skin lesions can be both benign and malignant. Only an HPV test and tissue biopsy can give a 100% answer.

  • Warts

A wart is a benign neoplasm that is caused by the human papillomavirus. About 97% of all people on the planet are carriers of this virus. Outwardly, they are convex or flat.

Removal of the neoplasm is recommended when its size increases the risk of accidental injury.

Как удаляют новообразования в Coolaser clinic
How are neoplasms removed at the Coollaser clinic
  • Moles

Moles appear as a result of the accumulation of melanocytes. Melanin is a hormone responsible for the color of the hair and eyes. Its sudden local growth forms a mole.

  • Papillomas

Papillomas are neoplasms that appear due to the active growth of epithelial cells. Usually, the impetus for growth is the human papillomavirus. Outwardly it resembles cabbage leaves.

  • Lipomas
  • Keratomas

How to understand when it’s time to see a specialist?

Normally, benign neoplasms don’t cause discomfort. However, the appearance of itching and bleeding, sharp growth and color change should be significantly alarming.

You can prevent the development of serious complications if you are attentive to your skin and observe hygiene. Frequent hand washing and taking vitamins will help strengthen and support your immune system.

How to get rid of neoplasms at home?

Removing growths at home is very difficult and rather dangerous.

Removing warts at home is dangerous for two reasons.

The first is an error in the dosage of the drug or an allergic reaction. When getting rid of warts and papillomas, serious complications are possible. Popular products such as celandine or acetic acid are extremely aggressive to the skin.

Second, if the neoplasm turns out to be malignant, then the oncological process may start.

It’s impossible to determine a benign growth at home or not! We don’t recommend using home removal methods for neoplasms, as this can harm your health.

How can you remove moles, warts, papillomas, lipomas?

  • Laser removal.

Laser removal of neoplasms is the simplest and most effective method. With its help, you can completely get rid of warts and papillomas and significantly lighten the hemangioma. It’s impossible to further investigate the build-up.

  • Cryodestruction.

Painless removal of neoplasms with liquid nitrogen. Differs in quick results and easy rehabilitation. Correctly performed cryodestruction guarantees a 100% result.

  • Removal of neoplasms with an electrocoagulator.

The principle of operation of the coagulator is the effect of current on the affected area of the skin. The high-frequency current quickly removes the build-up, which is covered with a crust. After a week, the crust falls off by itself, revealing healthy skin.

  • Surgical operation.

This type of removal is indicated in complicated cases when hardware cosmetology will not give the desired result. The surgeon excises the growth itself and the tissue around it.

The great advantage of surgical removal is the ability to further examine the tissue. This is called a biopsy.

It’s a biopsy that will give an accurate answer to the question of a malignant neoplasm or not.

  • Radio wave removal.

Removal of neoplasms using radio wave therapy is a physicochemical action. The nozzle with an electrode directs high-frequency waves into the deep layers of the epidermis.

In this case, radio waves remove only diseased cells, while healthy cells remain intact.

When can you return to the usual rhythm of life after removal of the neoplasm?

Hardware and surgical methods for removing neoplasms require a rehabilitation period. Each procedure has own period.

However, before and after the removal of growths, saunas, baths, the use of aggressive scrubs and pilling are prohibited. It’s also necessary to refuse visiting the solarium for a while.

By observing all the recommendations of a specialist, you minimize the risks of complications and allow the tissues to recover faster.

Coollaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk recommends trusting only proven methods.

Removal of neoplasms is an easy process of removing a difficult defect.

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