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How to get rid of warts at home?

How to get rid of warts is a very common question. Their presence will cause few pleasant sensations. The first thing that comes to mind is a childish “touch a frog – you get warts.” These neoplasms are associated with something unpleasant and not beautiful.

Despite the fact that they are painless and do not feel on the body, their presence insanely upsets a person and he thinks how to get rid of it.

Often, a patient suffering from the presence of neoplasms is interested in:

How to get rid of warts?

Which removal to choose professional or folk remedies?

When you decide to get rid of the neoplasm, you need to carefully consider the methods of removal. Only a professional can help get rid of a wart without health consequences.

We recommend that you entrust the removal of warts to experienced doctors at Coolaser Clinic.

Indications for the removal procedure.

  1. Sensitivity and soreness
  2. Bleeding
  3. Rapid increase in size
  4. Not aesthetically beautiful

What is a wart?

A wart is a benign skin growth. Most often it is caused by HPV, that is, the human papillomavirus. Normally, about 96% of people on the planet are carriers of this virus. Its manifestation on the skin indicates a weakened immunity.

If the build-up causes discomfort or its presence significantly reduces the quality of life, you need to contact a specialist.

Where did I get the human papillomavirus?

For the virus to manifest itself, there must be two factors. The first one is the weakened immunity of the patient, on which the virus easily “sits”. The second is contact with an infected person: soap, a towel, touching the skin, swimming pool, and so on.

Warts are distinguished by the fact that they easily multiply on the skin. If a wart has appeared somewhere, then, most likely, several more will appear nearby, from which it will already be more difficult to get rid of.

 This justifies the desire of a person to get rid of an unpleasant neoplasm as quickly as possible.

What do these neoplasms look like?

Виды бородавок


Ordinary neoplasms form on the palms and around the nail plates. The surface is dense and uneven. The color ranges from flesh to gray. The size does not exceed 10 mm. It is believed that getting rid of them is easiest.


If growths appear on the soles of the feet, then discomfort will follow. We spend half of our lives on our feet, so the presence of a wart on the foot leads to severe pain.

Outwardly it resembles a corn with a “crater” in the middle, has a characteristic grayish tint. Usually formed as a result of excessive sweating of the feet or small shoes. It is more difficult to get rid of them, since the place of removal is in contact with the shoes.


Tight, flat, round nodules that are not uncomfortable. Favorite location – face, back palms and forearms. Such formations are small in size from 0.5 to 3 mm. Getting rid of them is not considered a difficult task.


The most unpleasant warts that cause discomfort and significantly spoil the quality of sexual life. That’s right, genital warts are located on the genitals. It is needed to get rid of them immediately. Getting rid of them is difficult, painful, but necessary.

The growth of these neoplasms is often characterized by pain and bleeding.

Can a neoplasm become malignant?

Usually, such neoplasms do not have the ability to turn into oncology. However, if a rare form of the virus is detected in a patient through HPV testing, this is cause for concern. It is verruciform epidermodysplasia that becomes the cause of oncology.

If the doctor has doubts about the nature of the neoplasm, he prescribes appropriate studies. The main research is the analysis for HPV and biopsy. Do not be afraid of such a procedure, the tissue sampling is painless.

But the result of a tissue study can tell 100% about its nature and its ability to form cancer.

How to get rid of warts at home?

Как избавляться от бородавок

The most common method is the juice of the celandine plant. The stem is cut off, and the released juice is abundantly soaked. Thanks to this method, it is easiest to get skin burns and deterioration of the skin condition.

For the best results and getting rid of forever, we do NOT recommend using folk remedies. Any self-medication at home can be dangerous for the body!

How to get rid of warts and remove them permanently?

When the patient makes a decision to remove, he considers different ways to get rid of this problem. Only an experienced doctor can quickly and efficiently get rid of a neoplasm.


An innovative way to get rid of a neoplasm using a special equipment, an electrocoagulator. The high frequency current removes the build-up, in the place of which a crust forms. The crust falls off without leaving any scars.

This method of getting rid of the disease is suitable for shallow neoplasms.


This is a low temperature nitrogen removal. Differs in high efficiency and quick rehabilitation. For one hundred percent disposal, it is sometimes recommended to repeat the removal.

Removal by laser.

The safest known removal method. The action of the laser on the wart not only relieves you of the build-up, but also coagulates the small capillaries. This prevents bleeding and tissue inflammation from starting.

The type of laser is selected individually for each patient.

Radio wave therapy.

Radio wave surgery is a non-invasive surgical technique for getting rid of warts. High-frequency waves of 2.7-4.0 MHz are supplied to a special nozzle, an electrode. The electrode itself does not come into contact with the skin.

Diseased tissue is removed, while healthy tissue remains intact.


The classic, proven method of deletion thousands of times. Most often, surgery is used to get rid of plantar warts. When there is no other way to delete them.

Removal of warts by hardware techniques is characterized by the speed of the procedure, painlessness, short rehabilitation period and complete elimination of the build-up.

Where can you get rid of warts?

To reduce the risk of warts, experts recommend taking care of your health and hygiene. Frequent hand washing, reducing physical contact with strangers and taking vitamins will help your immune system to effectively get rid of viruses.

We are waiting for you every day at the Coollaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk.

 To the question of how to get rid of warts, we will answer – with the help of a highly qualified doctor!


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