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Fibroblast rejuvenation in Kyiv.

Rejuvenation with your own fibroblasts belongs to the procedures of cell and regenerative medicine. This type of facial rejuvenation is becoming more and more popular every year.

If you are tired of noticing new sagging skin or wrinkles every year, then perhaps you should think about the most advanced methods of facial rejuvenation, such as rejuvenation with your own fibroblasts.

When can fibroblast rejuvenation be applied?

As time goes on, age-related changes come inexorably. You begin to notice the primary signs of aging:

  • wrinkles appear around the eyes, on the cheeks, around the mouth, neck and decollete
  • sagging skin and loss of firmness
  • complexion becomes uneven
  • pores are enlarged
  • eyelid tissues fall
  • hands are aging
  • the oval of the face loses its shape

The main causes of premature signs of aging are stress, ecology, bad habits, unbalanced diet, hormonal disorders.

как выглядят фибробласты под гороскопом

If you do not take drastic measures, then you may well not only look older than your age, but also really age. Stop not thinking about it and disguise yourself with bright outfits and makeup.

Do you want to turn back time and stop old age for 5 years? It is quite possible to do this. The latest cell therapy technologies will increase the number of your own fibroblasts (cells of the body’s connective tissue) by more than 50 million in a month! Like a baby.

It’s time to radically rejuvenate your face.

What are fibroblasts and why activate them

The term Fibroblasts comes from the Latin `fibra` – fiber and the Greek `βλάστη` – sprout.

The main role is the healing of wounds and the restoration of body tissues.

The main function is the production of collagen and elastin, which form tissue fibers.

With age, the number of fibroblasts in the skin becomes less and less. Fibroblasts lose activity, perform their function more slowly, and their ability to divide and multiply decreases.

One of the most progressive trends in the world Anti-Age medicine and cell therapy is considered to be intradermal rejuvenation by its own active fibroblasts. They are grown in special laboratory conditions from the smallest particle of your own skin in order to rejuvenate the face and the body as a whole.

Ламинарный бокс фото
Laminar box for laboratory work with skin fibroblasts.

How to determine if this procedure is right for you?

  • Preliminarily, the ability of your fibroblasts to divide will be assessed and their functional activity (the ability to synthesize collagen and other components of the extracellular matrix) will be determined.
  • Based on the data obtained, you will be specially developed and offered an individual program for the correction of existing age-related changes and the prevention of aging.
  • Recommendations will also be offered on the further use of cosmetic procedures, taking into account the degree of their effect on the skin in order to achieve a lasting aesthetic result without harming fibroblasts.

Active fibroblasts locally stimulate regeneration, enhance the process of collagenesis and angiogenesis, improve blood circulation and intercellular metabolism, as a result of which the body, at the cellular level, begins to function again in a youthful mode. The synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is accelerated, restores and restores youthfulness and elasticity of the skin.

Preparation of a cell preparation for skin rejuvenation with its own fibroblasts in Kyiv

To obtain fibroblasts, a skin fragment (4 mm in diameter) from the behind-the-ear region is used, obtained by the punch-biopsy method under conditions of maximum sterility. This fragment is sent to a licensed biotechnology laboratory for the isolation, cultivation and storage of fibroblast cell culture. In the photo below, you can see the punch biopsy process at the Coolaser Clinic. The procedure is carried out by Dr. Kovalchuk A.O., Candidate of Medical Sciences.

панчбиопсия фото
Punch biopsy procedure. Conducted by Dr. Kovalchuk A.O.

A sample of cell material from each patient undergoes mandatory safety testing to exclude cancer, viral and bacterial agents.

What areas are fibroblasts injected into?

The introduction of fibroblasts is carried out by the papular or tunnel method. The zones are agreed with the patient, but most often these are problem areas:

  • Eye area and forehead
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Purse and puppet wrinkles
  • Neck and decollete area
  • Hands
  • Scars, stretch marks, wrinkles
Инъекции фибробластами

How is the procedure going?

  • Before starting the procedure, an anesthetic is applied to the selected area.
  • Fibroblasts, injected using the thinnest needles papularly or linearly retrograde.
  • When active fibroblasts enter the dermis, they activate the synthesis of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other important components of the extracellular matrix.

Thus, the natural balance and physiological processes of skin rejuvenation are normalized and restored in the skin.

A noticeable positive effectcan be seen even after the first procedure. It continues to increase for several months after the completion of the course of treatment. Usually one course consists of 2 procedures with an interval of 4 – 6 weeks. However, this protocol is subject to change as cell therapy is an individual approach to skin restoration for each patient.

This method of rejuvenation eliminates the possibility of developing allergic reactions and other side effects, since the patient’s own skin cells are used.

Cell therapy is perfectly combined with all existing methods in cosmetology and plastic surgery.

неофибролифтинг Coolaser clinic

Unique technology of laser routing of cell transplants

The method of laser routing of cellular autografts consists in the fact that in order to rejuvenate and stimulate the regenerative processes of the facial tissue, they are influenced by a medical fractional CO2 laser beam with a diameter of 120-300 μm and a wavelength of 10.6 μm differs in that along the lines of influence of fractional CO2 laser, intradermal injection of a cell suspension based on active fibroblasts and platelets is carried out. This technology is patented and performed by certified doctors of our clinic:

Патент клеточного омоложения
Authors of the patent on cellular rejuvenation Valikhnovsky R.L., Borsalo O.V., Kovalchuk A.O.

The use of medical fractional CO2 lasers contributes to:

  • restoration and tightening of the skin structure
  • elimination of wrinkles
  • narrowing of enlarged pores of the face

Beams of light rays of various lengths penetrate the epidermis without damaging its upper layers. Fractional laser causes micro-damage to the skin by spot evaporation at a depth of 1.5 mm, stimulates collagen production and regeneration.

Collagen fibers are shortened by 1/3 of their length, which increases the elasticity of the skin, tightens the skin of the face and significantly reduces wrinkles. A micron laser beam penetrates the skin, which leads to instantaneous multiple point tissue evaporation and becomes a trigger for starting the recovery and regeneration processes.

It must be remembered that “monotherapy” using only one type of action is always significantly inferior to treatment using a combination of techniques. Our experience has shown that high-tech treatment using laser, nanofractional, thermomagnetic, radio wave technologies, in combination with cell therapy, allows you to get better, longer-lasting functional and cosmetic results.

What procedures is combined with fibroblast rejuvenation?

  • cell therapy, routed by a CO2 laser beam
  • CO2 laser resurfacing using coolaser technology
  • microneedle nanofractional rejuvenation
  • RF lifting and thermomagnetic rejuvenation
  • photorejuvenation

We recommend combining the above procedures with fibroblast rejuvenation. They can also be supplemented with injection techniques, as well as the selection of cosmetological home care suitable for your skin type. This combination leads to more sustainable recovery processes in your body and an improvement in the condition of your skin.

Фибробласты фото
Preparatory work before the introduction of fibroblasts is carried out by Dr. Kovalchuk.

Step-by-step sequence of carrying out a complex of laser, hardware and injection procedures in combination with neofibrolifting

First visit

  • Initial examination of the patient
  • Taking anamnesis and consulting a doctor
  • Delivery of a primary blood test on the spot
  • Issuance of a referral to the patient for a detailed delivery of tests
  • Applying anesthetic to the face
  • Infiltration anesthesia for sampling tissue by punch biopsy
  • Punch fence
  • Carrying out a laser resurfacing procedure
  • Blood sampling for PRP
  • After the procedure, application of platelet-rich plasma to the patient’s face
  • Preparation of the dermal flap for further transportation
  • Transport of the dermal flap to the laboratory for growing fibroblasts

Second visit (after 3-4 weeks)

  • Examination of the patient
  • Consideration of the results of the detailed delivery of tests
  • Collecting data on the patient’s post-procedural reactions
  • Applying anesthetic to the face
  • Carrying out a laser resurfacing procedure
  • Blood sampling for PRP
  • Injections into the face of the patient’s grown own fibroblasts – from 20 to 50 million cells

Third visit (2 weeks after the second visit)

  • Examination of the patient
  • Consideration of the results of the detailed delivery of tests
  • Collecting data on the patient’s post-procedural reactions
  • Applying anesthetic to the face
  • Carrying out a laser resurfacing procedure
  • Blood sampling for PRP
  • Injections into the face of the patient’s grown own fibroblasts – from 20 to 50 million cells

What results can be achieved from the neofibrolifting procedure?

Effects of the neofibrolifting procedure:

  • improvement of skin color
  • reduction and straightening of mimic wrinkles
  • improving skin metabolism, increasing skin tone and elasticity
  • inhibition of aging processes
  • moisturizing the skin and restoring water balance
  • acceleration of skin regeneration
  • treatment of acne and post-acne
  • elimination of age spots
  • prevention of stretch marks

Stop the processwith aging. Feel the power of your own cells as in your youth! All this can be done with the help of fibroblast rejuvenation in Kyiv at the Coollaser Clinic.

Prices for Rejuvenation with own fibroblasts or Neofibrolifting
1) Premium package in combination with laser resurfacing-routing SPRS - therapy (Service for Personal Regeneration of Skin) with autologous dermal fibroblasts (100 million) Three times injection (15 million + 60 million + 25 million) 42 000 UAH
2) Package Standard in combination with laser resurfacing-routing SPRS - therapy with autologous dermal fibroblasts (65 million) Rejuvenation with own fibroblasts Two times administration (15 million + 50 million) 32 000 UAH
3) The "local therapy" package in combination with laser resurfacing - SPRS routing - therapy with autologous dermal fibroblasts of dark circles under the eyes, vitiligo spots, pigmentation correction, atrophic acne scars, female alopecia, hard-to-heal wounds, preoperative skin preparation, postoperative rehabilitation (20 million cells) 15 000 UAH
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Specialists in the procedure

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Ковальчук Андрей Олегович

Доцент, врач-хирург, биотехнолог

Доктор Мельниченко Любовь Сергеевна

Melnichenko Lyubov Sergeevna

Cosmetologist, Beauty expert

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