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Breast augmentation surgery in Kyiv

Mammoplasty or breast augmentation is a plastic surgery aimed at improving the female breast shape. Breast augmentation or breast replacement is one of the most demanded interventions in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Маммопластика: увеличение груди фото


  1. What is breast mammoplasty?
  2. What are the indications for mammoplasty?
  3. What is endoprosthetics of the mammary glands?
  4. How is breast augmentation done?
  5. What results will be after breast mammoplasty?
  6. FAQ
  7. What are the contraindications for breast augmentation?

What is breast mammoplasty

According to Wikipedia:

Breast mammoplasty is a plastic surgery on the mammary gland aimed at correcting the shape and / or volume. Mammoplasty can be performed to either enlarge or reduce the breast.

Women’s breasts are a symbol of beauty, motherhood and sexuality, a source of creative inspiration. Correct breast shape is an important criterion for women’s health, which plays a key role in intimate life. That is why many women are eager to change their lives.

What are the indications for mammoplasty

  • Micromastia or hypoplasia of the mammary glands (small size of the mammary glands)
  • Asymmetry of the mammary glands (acquired and congenital)
  • Mastoptosis or prolapse of the mammary glands (as a result of breastfeeding and age-related changes)
  • Mastectomy (breast amputation)
  • The desire of the patient
  • Cosmetic defects
  • Gynecomastia (male breast augmentation)

What are the types of mammoplasty?

Our experienced plastic surgeons perform all types of mammoplasty – breast augmentation, reduction and correction.

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Correction of nipples
  • Non-surgical mammoplasty (lipofilling)

Breast augmentation: augmentation mammoplasty (endoprosthetics)

Augmentation mammoplasty includes breast arthroplasty and breast lipofilling. The main advantage of breast augmentation: the creation of harmonious shapes and long-lasting results. Modern endoprostheses or breast implants take root well and keep the main female forms for a long time.

увеличение груди в Киеве
Breast augmentation at the Collaser Clinic.

Breast lift (mammopexy and mastopexy)

Mastoptosis is a loss of shape and elasticity of the breast. It is especially typical for adulthood and for the postnatal period. One of the best ways to correct ptosis is mastopexy.

Breast reduction

Gigantomastia is quite common. With gigantomastia, the chest can be greatly enlarged. Excessively large breasts create constant stress, discomfort and even pain for their owner. The patient suffers from regular pain and curvature of the spine.

One of the significant disadvantages of the reduction is the possibility of suppressing the milk ducts. In the future, this will make breastfeeding impossible. However, an experienced plastic surgeon tries to prevent this possibility and correct the nipple areola without injuring the ducts.

Reduction is also performed to correct gynecomastia in men.

Correction of nipples or nipple-areola complex

Light plastic surgery to correct the nipple areola. It is performed as an independent mammoplasty or in combination with other types of breast augmentation.

Non-surgical mammoplasty

Non-surgical breast augmentation is possible thanks to lipofilling. That is, breast augmentation occurs at the expense of the patient’s own adipose tissue. Donor fat can be removed from the patient’s buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

The undoubted advantage of such an operation is the absence of an operation. Adipose tissue is injected through punctures. The downside is that you can increase the breast by no more than 1 size during the procedure.

What is breast arthroplasty?

Endoprosthetics of the mammary glands is augmentation mammoplasty. That is, this is a plastic surgery aimed at correcting the shape and increasing the volume of the mammary glands with the help of endoprostheses. Breast endoprostheses are also called breast implants.

Our specialists with many years of experience are successfully engaged in endoprosthetics of implants. We help women with flat breasts, with the problem of sagging breasts after pregnancy and as a result of age-related changes. And also for patients after surgical removal of the mammary gland – mastectomy.

хирург Крысько Сергей Юрьевич

What are the types of augmentation mammoplasty?

Mammoplasty types differ in the way the breast implant is placed and the location of the incision for breast augmentation.

There are 3 incision methods for placing a breast implant:

Виды увеличивающей грудь маммопластики схема
  • Submamal or chest method

The incision for placing the implant is made under the breast crease. The method is characterized by low trauma and minimal risk of complications.

Scar: In the postoperative period, a small scar remains in the fold.

  • Periareolar way

Race cut relies on the projection of the lower edge of the nipple. Mainly performed for women who have already given birth.

Scar: scar after breast augmentation is invisible

Risks: Breastfeeding complications are possible in the future.

  • Axillary method

The incision is located in the projection of the axillary fossa. This method is considered the most optimal. Requires careful training and high qualifications of the surgeon.

Scar: there is no scar in the area of the mammary glands.

Depending on the level of installation, the implant can be located:

Иесто расположения импланта при увеличении груди
  • Subglandular (implant placement under the gland)

A breast augmentation implant is placed under the gland without peeling the pectoralis major muscle. As a rule, such an arrangement of endoprostheses is recommended for women who are actively involved in sports.

  • Subpectoral (placement of an implant under the pectoral muscle)

Breast augmentation occurs due to an endoprosthesis, which is placed under the pectoral muscle. The implant bed is prepared under the pectoralis major muscle. This operation is recommended for thin patients with a thin layer of subcutaneous fat.

The pectoralis muscle as a layer smooths out the contours of the implant, which is not visible through the thin skin.

Who is breast augmentation with endoprostheses suitable for?

  • Breast augmentation is suitable for almost all patients over 18 years of age.
  • Micromastia or underdevelopment of the breast is not a direct indication for breast augmentation. Breast surgery aimed at reshaping and / or increasing the size helps thousands of women regain confidence in their own beauty.
  • Endoprosthetics of the mammary glands is suitable for addressing age-related changes such as loss of volume, asymmetry or atrophy of the mammary glands. In this case, the surgeon will correct the shape and, together with the patient, select the desired size.
  • Breast reshaping and augmentation is suitable for women after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What are breast implants?

Какой формы бывают грудные импланты

Breast implants that are used for breast augmentation vary in size and shape.

  • Round shaped breast implants

Rounded breast implants resemble a hemisphere in appearance. Their advantage is that they give their owner a chic upper bust volume.

  • Teardrop-shaped (anatomical) breast implants

Anatomical or teardrop implants completely duplicate the natural shape of the mammary glands. The volume of the upper pole is significantly lower than that of the lower pole.

Which breast implants are better: anatomical or round?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally, because round and teardrop-shaped implants with breast augmentation give different visual results. Experienced surgeons usually recommend the anatomical shape of the implant, which looks more harmonious on the body.

How are breast implants selected for breast augmentation?

The choice of an implant for breast augmentation is determined during the consultation process. In this case, the doctor takes into account all the anthropometric characteristics of the patients. After an objective examination, the doctor determines:

1.Skin elasticity

2.Size and shape of the chest

3.Structure of glandular tissue

4.Anatomical features of the pectoral muscle

5.Other indicators

As a result, the sizes of endoprostheses for breast augmentation are selected depending on the desired result and individual characteristics.

We use implants from different manufacturers, depending on the surgeon’s recommendations, the patient’s wishes, and also the price:

Polytech, Silimed Europe Gmbh

Имплант Политех фото

Mentor, McGhan Medical

Импланты ментор

Motiva, Establishment Labs

Импланты Мотива

How mammoplasty is done?

Preliminary consultation with the surgeon.

At this stage, an experienced plastic surgeon examines the breasts. Together with the patient, the optimal option for breast plastic surgery is selected, and depending on your wishes, size and shape.

Preparation for endoprosthetics of the mammary glands

Any plastic surgery and especially breast mammoplasty requires careful preparation on the part of the doctor and the patient. The surgeon prescribes a list of examinations that the patient must undergo before breast plastic surgery.

The exact list of necessary examinations and tests is given only by the surgeon after a personal consultation. This is due to the fact that some patients may need additional consultations of narrow specialists.

Draw your attention to! A plastic surgeon may refuse a patient to perform an operation if there are temporary or permanent contraindications. In some cases, additional treatment and examination may be required. We care about your health!

Mammoplasty or breast augmentation

Anesthesia: The operation is performed under general anesthesia.

Time: the duration of the operation is about 1.5 hours, which is determined by the characteristics of the implants.

Type and volume of the implant: selected by the surgeon together with the patient.

Увеличение груди имплантами 3
Mammoplasty: breast augmentation with implants in Kyiv. Dr. Krysko S.

How is rehabilitation after mammoplasty?

The recovery process after breast augmentation takes place under the strict supervision of an experienced doctor. The results of the operation depend not only on the professionalism of the specialist, but also on the full-fledged adherence to medical prescriptions.

In order to make the rehabilitation after breast augmentation easy and comfortable, we recommend following these simple tips:

  • In the first days after the operation, discomfort, minor pain sensations, as well as swelling in the projection of the installed implants are possible. This is a normal body reaction that does not require treatment.
  • Normally, cosmetic sutures are removed for 10-14 days.
  • For the purpose of stable fixation of implants for 1 month, a special topic is used – a bra, which maintains the shape of the breast. Such underwear creates compression that prevents the development of hematoma and other complications. During this period, you need to limit yourself from sports and sexual intimacy.

How is the recovery after mammoplasty by day?

1 day after surgery. The patient is transferred to the recovery room. Within 1.5 hours, anesthesiologist control is carried out. The patient is provided with pain relievers and antimicrobial drugs. From day 1 and throughout the month after the operation, you must constantly wear a compression bra, sleep on your back.

2-4 days. During this period, any physical activity should be completely excluded. There is pain and discomfort in the chest area. An increase of body temperature up to 37.5C is permissible. Sleep on your back. Loads are excluded.

4th day. Swelling increases. The shape and appearance of the breasts may look somewhat odd. This is a normal phenomenon, due to severe edema and swelling, the breast has not yet acquired its final appearance. Severe swelling can make it difficult to control your hands. Baths, sauna, solarium and sports are still excluded. Staying in the open sun is prohibited. Sleep on your back.

6th day. Pain and discomfort are becoming less pronounced. The patient is encouraged to smoothly return to the normal pace of life. Active sports, running, lifting heavy objects / children are excluded. Sleep on your back.

7 days. The first examination by the surgeon after the operation. The specialist will examine the stitches and the extent of their healing, as well as check the breast implants for displacement. Medications may be prescribed or canceled.

14 days. Light walks are allowed. The pain and discomfort are completely gone. Sleep on your back. Exercise, heavy lifting, active sports and bathing are still prohibited.

The first month after breast surgery

 Re-examination by a plastic surgeon after breast augmentation. If the patient has conscientiously followed the doctor’s prescriptions and the recovery is successful, the doctor may allow the underwear to be removed at night.

If a breast lift or reduction has been performed, the period of wearing a compression bra may be lengthened or shortened, depending on the healing.

Second month after mammoplasty

 Pain and discomfort do not bother, the swelling is gone either completely or almost completely. The plastic surgeon at the appointment, after evaluating tissue rehabilitation, may allow moderate sports.

Baths, saunas, solarium, hot tub and massage are still prohibited. Sleep on your back.


How much does breast augmentation cost in Kyiv?

The cost of breast augmentation is individual. It depends on the type of surgery chosen, hospital stay and type of implants.

Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation?

The possibility of breastfeeding directly depends on the type of mammoplasty and / or on the method of installing breast implants. Some types of mammoplasty and breast augmentation are performed only after childbirth, as the ability to lactate is tripled.

Cons of breast augmentation and mammoplasty.

The only downside to breast augmentation and mammoplasty is the risk of complications. However, any plastic surgery is associated with some complications. To avoid them, you must carefully choose a plastic surgeon, clinic and strictly follow the rules of the rehabilitation period.

What are the consequences of breast augmentation?

The most inevitable consequence of breast augmentation is increased self-esteem. The feeling of full-fledged self-attractiveness gives the patient self-confidence.

Is it possible to enlarge the breast with your own fat?

Yes, breast augmentation with own fat is called breast lipofilling. This is the kind of non-surgical breast augmentation that is characterized by non-invasiveness and good results. With lipofilling, you can enlarge your breasts by no more than 1 size at a time.

What are the risks after breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation, like any operation, carries risks of complications. Complications after breast surgery in the 21st century are relatively rare if you go to an experienced specialist.

Most often, complications are associated with asymmetry, impaired sensitivity, infections, and so on.

Is it possible to enlarge breasts without scars?

An experienced surgeon is capable of a real miracle so that the breast does not have noticeable stitches after the operation. This is possible due to the implementation of an incision during surgery in the axillary area or periareolar method.

How to enlarge breasts without surgery?

Breast enlargement without surgery is possible. The most effective way of non-surgical breast augmentation is lipofilling. Regular exercise on the pectoralis muscle will help slightly enlarge the breasts.

Some people take oral contraceptives for breast enlargement, but this is more of a side effect of OC. There are also various special pills and hormonal ointments.

Attention! Uncontrolled intake of unconfirmed drugs can harm your health.

Why does the breast increase before menstruation?

This is due to the hormonal cocktail that the body receives at the time of the maturation of the egg. It is its maturity that provokes the physiological swelling of the mammary gland.

The time in the cycle until ovulation is characterized by an excess of hormones such as estradiol and estrone. These substances provoke an increase in the number of milk ducts. The result is natural breast enlargement.

How to enlarge breasts at home?

The easiest and safest way to enlarge your breasts at home is self-massage. Self-massage of the breast improves blood circulation in the glands and causes slight swelling. Regular self-massage can have a beneficial effect on the appearance of your breasts.

It is impossible to truly enlarge breasts at home by at least 1 size.

How to enlarge breasts with iodine?

It is impossible to enlarge the breast with iodine, this is a common myth. The fact is that there are no facts that iodine causes the growth of the mammary gland. The iodine mesh method for breast augmentation is based on improved blood flow to the mammary glands.

Why does the breast increase during menopause?

During menopause, there is a second, after puberty, global hormonal change in the body. Breast augmentation with menopause is associated with the growth of fibrous and adipose tissue in the breast (age-related changes in the tissues).

Why does the breast increase with age?

Several factors affect breast enlargement with age. Genetic predisposition, frequent childbirth, prolonged lactation, weight gain, gravity, hunchback habits, and hormonal changes.

All these factors together cause breast enlargement, and in some cases even provoke gigantomastia (not normal enlargement of the mammary glands).

Does mammoplasty hurt?

The breast plastic surgery itself is performed under general anesthesia. The patient falls asleep and wakes up with a new breast. Pain and discomfort are common in the first 7 days of recovery after breast augmentation.

What are the complications after mammoplasty?

Most often, complications after breast surgery appear when the doctor’s recommendations for recovery are not followed. Complications can also arise due to the fact that implants do not take root or medical errors.

The most common complications after mammoplasty are: loss of breast sensitivity, suppuration, inflammation, infections, breast dysfunction, scarring.

In order to avoid complications after mammoplasty, you need to carefully choose a plastic surgeon, and also be ready to fully comply with the recommendations.

How long does mammoplasty surgery take?

The timing of breast mammoplasty is individual and depends on the volume of the operation and the type of plastic surgery. On average, breast plastic surgery takes 1.5-3 hours.

The exact time of mammoplasty can only be said by a plastic surgeon after a preliminary consultation. For example, non-surgical breast augmentation with lipofilling takes about 1 hour. Breast reduction (gigantomastia or gynecomastia) can take 2 to 4 hours.

What are the contraindications for breast augmentation

  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Age under 18
  • Oncology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Inflammation
  • Diseases of the breast
  • Neoplasms of unclear etiology
  • HIV
  • AIDS
  • Hepatitis

Luxurious, symmetrical breasts are the cherished dream of many women around the world.

Coollaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk urges you to stop dreaming, just call us and we will make your dream come true.

Breast augmentation is the right solution on the path to perfect breasts.

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