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SMAS lifting Ulthera in Kyiv

SMAS lifting is considered to be a procedure so effective that it is often compared to a surgical lift.

СМАС лифтинг Альтера в Киеве
Altera in Kiev at Coolaser Clinic


Indications for ultrasound lifting

Face skin tightening SMAS on the Ulthera apparatus

What is Ulthera / Ultherapy?

For which areas is the ultrasonic SMAS tightening suitable?

How to remove flews and tighten the oval of the face?

What are the benefits of non-surgical lifting?

How quickly will the result of the hardware tightening appear?

Why is a specialist consultation necessary?

How is SMAS lifting done?

What cannot be done after SMAS lifting?

Best face lift. Laser or SMAS?

Contraindications for SMAS lifting

Many factors affect the skin every day: gravity, moisture loss, weight changes, diet, ecology. It is imprinted on our face with wrinkles, creases and a dull color.

The muscle frame relaxes, the skin becomes flaccid. As a result, the epidermis bears little resemblance to the face of a young man.

As a result, skin tightening becomes a necessary rejuvenation procedure.

Modern technologies carry out hardware facelift without surgery at the level of the aponeurotic system of the SMAS.

The latest development of SMAS skin tightening is already available at the Coollaser Clinic.

How does SMAS lifting work?

Removes problems:

Sagging skin

Dull complexion

Double chin


Wrinkles around the mouth, nose and eyes

The first signs of aging

Ptosis of eyelid tissues

SMAS лифтинг Альтера

Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System – SMAS.

Ulthera SMAS facelift is a non-surgical facelift using ultrasound. The deep penetration of the ultrasonic wave guarantees tightening of the skin and fatty tissue, as well as the muscles responsible for facial expressions.

Ultrasonic lifting contributes to the active rejuvenation of not only the epidermis, but also the deep layers of the skin. Facial rejuvenation with ultrasound is extremely effective and has a long lasting result.

What is Altera / Ulthera ultrasonic SMAS lifting?

The innovative technology contained in the Ulthera apparatus is the world’s #1 device based on SMAS technology.

Ulthera is a multidisciplinary device with which you can also correct the abdomen, knees and arms.

For which zones is the ultrasonic SMAS lifting suitable?

  • neck
  • neckline
  • delicate skin of the eyelids
  • hands
  • belly
  • chins
  • knees

How to remove flews and tighten the oval of the face?

The main advantage of SMAS lifting is to tighten the skin, restore and fix the facial frame. Exposure to ultrasound stimulates the active synthesis of collagen and elastin. These are the most important components for the beauty and youth of the skin.

The average duration of the effect of the SMAS facelift is 2 years! Just think, almost 2 years without using beauty Injections.

Hardware facelift is perfect for any age. The effect will be especially lasting in young people, whose age-related changes have just begun.

Please note that this procedure is not recommended for persons under 18 and over 65.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting is an excellent replacement for surgical and plastic surgery.

What are the benefits of a non-surgical facelift?


The absence of contraindications and the period of rehabilitation makes the ultrasound facelift an ideal procedure. You no longer need to be afraid of scalpel and operations.


Powerful ultrasound waves of SMAS penetrate to the required depth of the dermis. The specialist adjusts the depth of exposure, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

Long-term effect.

The result of a non-surgical tightening or lifting lasts about 2 years.

Without consequences.

No more scars, dots, scars and risks of complications! Since cuts and punctures are not applied during a hardware lift, there is not the slightest chance of consequences.


Minimum 40 minutes, maximum 2 hours. This is exactly how much the SMAS facelift takes. Only a specialist will tell you the exact time during a face-to-face visit.

Апоневротический  слой СМАС

When does the effect of SMAS lifting come and how quickly will the result appear?

The improvements visible to the eye appear several hours after the procedure. Rejuvenation can be fully appreciated in 3 months.

How does SMAS lifting work and what does it do?

After the procedure, you will receive the following changes and improvements in your appearance:

  • Clear oval
  • Tightened, elastic skin
  • Facial contour rejuvenation
  • Fine and deep wrinkles disappear
  • The second chin goes away
  • Full wing correction

Why is a specialist consultation necessary?

We care about your health. Before any hardware procedure, we recommend consulting a doctor.

The specialist will collect the patient’s history and scrupulously assess the condition of the skin. Examination of the epidermis will help determine the depth and intensity of the SMAS facelift you need.

The Ulthera apparatus has several protocols. Each of them is selected with all the nuances and in accordance with the patient’s expectations.

All protocols have passed European safety standards.

How is SMAS lifting done?

Singer Natalia Valevskaya at the SMAS lifting procedure

Before ultrasound rejuvenation, the doctor applies a marking on the skin, according to which the system will operate.

The ultrasonic wave descends 1.5 – 8 mm into the epidermis. The depth of the wave depends on the area of the skin.

The Ulthera device is perfect for treating especially sensitive areas – the chin, neck, décolleté, as well as the area around the eyes.

What should not be done after SMAS lifting?

The first 1-2 days after the facelift hardware, you may feel a slight tingling or tingling sensation.

No specific recovery is required. After 2-3 weeks, it is recommended to visit the attending physician for an external examination of the tissues and assess the effect.

What is better – SMAS lifting or laser rejuvenation?

Ultherapy technology is an ultrasound treatment. The active synthesis of collagen, as a result of exposure to ultrasound, occurs at the deep level of the SMAS system. Thanks to the Ulthera apparatus, deep regeneration of all facial tissues occurs.

SMAS laser rejuvenation is based on exposure to light beams of different lengths and intensities. The penetration depth of the laser is relatively shallow and affects the superficial layers of the dermis.

SMAS lifting and Laser rejuvenation work with dermis, but at different levels. Their solutions to problems are different. The combination of laser therapy and ultrasonic facelift will provide excellent results at all skin levels.

Coollaser Сlinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk is the best solution for rejuvenating your face. Become good with us thanks to the SMAS facelift.

Over time, due to natural age-related changes, gravity, loss of moisture in the body and possible weight loss, a person’s face gradually changes shape. The skin loses its elasticity, the muscles and skin stretch and sag, the oval of the face changes and falls. The second chin and flews appear.

After such changes, even skin tightening may no longer produce noticeable results.

Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to carry out a deep tissue tightening at the level of the aponeurotic system (superficial muscular aponeurotic system), which is called SMAS hardware lifting.

This lifting provides tightening of the skin, subcutaneous fat, facial muscles, as well as elastin and collagen fibers. This provides a lasting rejuvenation effect.

What are the indications for SMAS lifting?

Each procedure has a list of indications for which the best possible result is achieved. This type of lifting is recommended for:

  • the appearance of flews
  • the appearance of a double chin
  • omission of the oval of the face;
  • drooping of the corners of the lips and cheeks;
  • age-related changes in the oval and relief of the skin;
  • drooping of the eyebrows;
  • ptosis of the upper eyelid.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting Ulthera what is it?

SMAS lifting is an ultrasonic skin tightening procedure in 4 directions. Skin, subcutaneous fat, facial muscles, as well as elastin and collagen fibers. This ensures a long lasting and reliable rejuvenation effect.

The procedure is unique in its own way, since without the participation of a surgeon, impressive results of tightening can be achieved.

What apparatus do we use for ultrasonic tightening?

  • The Ulthera / Ultherapy device is recognized as the number 1 device in the world according to the SMAS technology and has already helped to rejuvenate more people around the world.
  • For many years in a row, Ulthera has been taking first places and receiving prizes in international Beauty ratings.
  • The Ulthera apparatus has repeatedly become a laureate of the BEAUTY CHOICE AWARD in the BEST NON-SURGICAL SKIN LIFTING nomination.
  • In October 2016, the Ulthera® System received the BEST APPARATUS IN AESTHETIC MEDICINE award at the AMEC Annual European Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine in Paris.
  • Many famous people trust us with their faces. In the photo below, Ukrainian singer Natalya Valevskaya at the Coollaser Clinic on the SMAS lifting procedure for facelift and rejuvenation. We are proud to help Natalia look 27 at the age of 40.

Which areas are suitable for SMAS lifting?

  • area of the neck, decollete, face;
  • around the eyes;
  • on the upper arms, abdomen and above the knees.

The ultrasound skin tightening procedure has a strong effect of focused ultrasound waves at the required SMAS level of the aponeurotic system.

SMAS is a structure that covers the facial muscles of the face. It is composed of elastin and collagen fibers.

How long does the ultrasonic tightening effect last?

The main function of SMAS is to keep and provide a clear oval of the face. With the help of a special apparatus, collagen production is stimulated and the dermis is strengthened. How long does the effect of the procedure last? The result of SMAS lifting can last up to 2 years.

Who is SMAS skin tightening suitable for?

This type of ultrasonic SMAS lifting is primarily suitable for everyone who is just beginning to experience small age-related changes. In addition, thanks to this procedure, it is possible to abandon the surgical intervention in favor a more gentle way to rejuvenate. However, patients after sixty-five years of age, when age-related changes are significant, are shown a different type of tightening.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Ultrasonic Tightening

  • The main advantage of the SMAS tightening method is its high efficiency and absolute noninvasiveness of the procedure.
  • This type of facelift and rejuvenation occurs without a single incision and puncture of the skin, in contrast to surgery. It does not have any serious contraindications and risks to the patient.
  • Ultrasound is capable of acting at various depths controlled by a doctor.
  • The result after the tightening is valid from one to two years, depending on the age.
  • Absence of external manifestations in the form of bruises, as well as postoperative stitches. During the rejuvenating procedure, the patient may feel only slight discomfort and only in rare cases a slight tingling sensation.
  • The process itself can last from forty minutes to a couple of hours. The total time will depend on the number of tightening zones.
  • The SMAS lift is characterized by a very short and comfortable recovery.
  • Perfect combination. SMAS lifting is excellent for combined treatment with other procedures.

Who is SMAS lifting indicated for?

This type of lifting is recommended for:

  • the appearance of flews
  • the appearance of a double chin
  • omission of the oval of the face;
  • drooping of the corners of the lips and cheeks;
  • age-related changes in the oval and relief of the skin;
  • drooping of the eyebrows;
  • ptosis of the upper eyelid.

Already after the first procedure, some results are noticeable, and the full result can be seen after three months.

СМАС-лифтинг лица
The first photo before the procedure, the second after 3 months and the third after 5 months

Already after 1 procedure, some results are noticeable. The full result can be seen after 3 months. This is possible due to the fact that SMAS lifting has a cumulative effect.

Второй подбородок убрать
Removal of a double chin on the SMAS Altera lifting device

Thanks to this type of brace, it is expected:

  • lifting the upper eyelid;
  • shaping a young face contour;
  • elimination of wrinkles on the areas of the face, neck, décolleté line;
  • smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth, eyes;
  • absence of a double chin;
  • the formation of a pronounced beautiful neck;
  • elasticity and tightening of the skin.

When is SMAS lifting contraindicated?

Your health is important to us. That is why a specialist may refuse to carry out the procedure if he finds any contraindications. Contraindications can be general or individual.

СМАС-лифтинг фотография
  • cuts, rashes, various burns, irritations;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • oncological diseases;
  • burn
  • dermatological diseases in the acute stage
  • facial implants
  • diabetes mellitusi
  • infectious and viral diseases
Безоперационная (лазерная) подтяжка лица

Doctor’s consultation before the SMAS lifting procedure

If you are planning to do such a procedure for the first time and there are doubts, be sure to make an appointment with a doctor for an initial consultation. The specialist will carefully listen to all wishes, as well as examine and determine exactly in which zones SMAS lifting will be the best solution to achieve the desired effect.

Also, the doctor will be able to determine the protocol necessary for a particular patient. In total, there are several lifting protocols on this device. All are prepared based on international safety and quality standards. They differ among themselves in the intensity and depth of the impact of this apparatus. The protocol will be selected taking into account the patient’s skin condition and tissue prolapse.

Убрать брыли
Face contour correction Kiev

How is the procedure carried out?

Before carrying out this procedure, the doctor, using a special medical marker, will mark the zones along which the ultrasound tightening will be carried out. After that, he can start the very procedure of hardware SMAS lifting.

Without making a single incision, the doctor penetrates with the help of ultrasound to a depth of 1.5 to 8 mm, depending on the zone and part of the body. The ultrasound procedure forms the necessary clearer contours of the face, as well as the lines of the decollete and neck. This device can work even with the most difficult lifting – the area around the mouth.

To provide a face lift, you only need one such procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

In some patients, the threshold of sensitivity is very high. Therefore, our experienced doctors sometimes perform the ultrasonic SMAS lifting procedure using local anesthesia. In this case, the duration of the procedure will directly depend on the time for applying the anesthetic cream and the number of zones for tightening. Most often, this is no longer than 1.5 hours.

Recovery process

Within one to two days after the ultrasound SMAS lifting procedure, the patient may feel slight swelling and slight tingling sensations. But even despite this, you can continue to live in your usual rhythm.

For some people, the positive effect of the tightening can be seen in the first days after the procedure. But as a rule, the result is manifested with an increasing effect and becomes clearly noticeable after three to six months.

A few weeks after the procedure, it is possible to visit a doctor for a routine examination.

Is SMAS lifting different from a laser?

  • Ultherapy ® uses ultrasonic energy to stimulate collagen production at a relatively deep level in the aponeurotic system of the SMAS. This leads to a significant tightening of the deep tissue layers.
  • Lasers use light energy that penetrates superficially into the skin. Since the two technologies work at different depths and solve different tissue problems, they can and should be combined.

For example, Laser Resurfacing will help you remove scars, scars, stretch marks, acne marks and age spots. And SMAS lifting will tighten and improve the quality of the skin from the inside.


  1. How many SMAS lifting procedures do you need? To provide a facelift, you only need 1 such procedure.
  2. How long is the smas lifting procedure? The duration of the procedure will directly depend on the time it takes to apply the anesthetic cream and the number of zones for tightening. Most often, this is no longer than 1.5 hours.

3.Is it painful to do ultrasonic lifting? In some patients, the threshold of sensitivity is very high. Therefore, our experienced doctors sometimes perform the ultrasonic SMAS lifting procedure using local anesthesia.

4.How long does it take to recover from a non-surgical facelift? Within 1-2 days after the ultrasound SMAS lifting procedure, the patient may feel slight swelling and slight tingling sensations. But even despite this, you can continue to live in your usual rhythm.

5.When will the first results appear after the procedure? For some people, the positive effect of the tightening can be seen in the first days after the procedure. But as a rule, the result is manifested with an increasing effect and becomes clearly noticeable after 3-6 months.

  1. When should I see a doctor after the procedure? A few weeks after the procedure, you need to visit a doctor for a routine examination and assessment of the effect.
  2. What are the pros and cons of smas lifting?

Pros: effect immediately after the procedure; cumulative effect; ease of implementation; lack of punctures and cuts in the skin; no risk of complications; no rehabilitation period; safely.

Cons: fragility. Some patients can boast of an excellent tightening result after 2 years, others 1 year, others 5 years. What do these patients have in common? It is necessary to repeat the procedure or to support the SMAS procedure once every several months.

  1. What side effects can be seen after ultrasound treatment?

The vast majority of experts call SMAS a winning analogue of threads, fillers and operations. However, some patients may still experience complications (very rare).

Complications are possible if the doctor makes a mistake during the procedure (incorrect setting of the wavelength). Complications can also arise if SMAS is carried out on damaged skin with open or unhealed wounds.

Side effects that are normal and go away on their own: tingling, redness and slight tissue swelling.

  1. Is SMAS lifting harmful?

Not. The procedure is absolutely safe and in itself does not cause any harm to human health.

  1. Is the procedure suitable for children?

Not. SMAS lifting can be done from the age of 18. In exceptional cases, when there is a proven need for such treatment, smas can be performed on a person under 18 years of age.

In this case, the patient is accompanied by parents or other legal guardians and give their consent to the procedure.

  1. What is better SMAS or RF lifting?

When choosing between SMAS and RF lifting, it is necessary to keep in mind individual contraindications, skin condition and the desired result. RF lifting or radiofrequency lifting affects the tissues superficially.

Since RF lifting affects mainly the subcutaneous fat layer, it perfectly tones and quickly improves the appearance of the skin. Smoothes wrinkles and corrects facial contours. The patient feels a little warmth, no anesthesia is required.

SMAS acts on all 4 levels of the aponeurotic system, therefore it provides a deeper treatment. During the procedure, the patient feels a tingling sensation. Anesthesia is sometimes required.

  1. Is it mandatory to consult a doctor before the procedure?

One of the most frequent questions of patients to our specialists. Doctors give a well-grounded and detailed answer: it depends on your experience.

For example, if you have successfully done this procedure before, you can refuse the consultation at your own risk.

If you decide to undergo SMAS for the first time, consultation is necessary.

  1. Why is the consultation before the SMAS procedure so important?

Our body is changing at an elusive rate. Sometimes new diseases or allergies may appear. Even if you have already passed SMAS several times before, we still recommend a preliminary consultation.

This will help avoid any complications and give you confidence in the result.

  1. What are the advantages of combining laser resurfacing and resurfacing?

Combining laser resurfacing and SMAS lifting, you can get the maximum field known result for the skin.

  • Thanks to laser resurfacing, external imperfections will disappear: removal of scars, scars, stretch marks and age spots. Skin relief is leveled, skin cells are renewed.
  • SMAS will treat all 4 layers. As a result, the framework of the face will be strengthened from the inside, the skin will be tightened and elastic.
  1. What are the advantages of combining SMAS and stem cells?

Stem cells are capable of real miracles and can solve most of the skin problems. By combining stem cells and an ultrasonic tightening procedure, you provide the skin with the best care and the longest possible result.

  1. Can SMAS be given to pregnant women?

Not. Pregnancy and lactation are absolute contraindications for SMA lifting. We recommend to postpone this hardware procedure until the end of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Our doctors underwent training in the USA, Israel and Australia. We exchanged experiences and treatment protocols using Ulthera, Venus Versa and CO2 lasers.

That is why we can offer you the best options for combining skin rejuvenation and tightening.

Coollaser Сlinic is waiting for you. Call us and rejuvenate with us after the Ulthera SMAS lifting procedure!

Цена процедур СМАС лифтингАльтера
СМАС лифтинг лицо полностью 69 500 UAH 13 900 UAH
СМАС лифтинг лицо полностью + Radiesse 3 ml (2 шприца) 109 500 UAH 21 900 UAH
СМАС лифтинг шея 37 500 UAH 7 500 UAH
СМАС лифтинг лицо + шея 99 500 UAH 19 900 UAH
СМАС лифтинг периорбитальной зоны / глаза 21 000 UAH 4200 UAH
СМАС лифтинг декольте 37 500 UAH 7 500 UAH
СМАС лифтинг верхней или нижней трети лица 37 500 UAH 7 500 UAH
СМАС лифтинг тела (одна зона 10 х 10 см) 37 500 UAH 7 500 UAH
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Kichik Julia


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