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Microdermabrasion in Kyiv

Microdermabrasion is a very popular type of cosmetic procedure. However, when you decide to choose a microdermabrasion treatment for your skin, you will quickly realize that there are two main options. Until now, among the dermatologists of the world, there is a discussion in the modern international market regarding the issue of competition between crystal and diamond processing of the skin.

This is not an ordinary argument, but a serious choice that you will make. It can significantly affect the regular skin treatments you want for the rest of your life. Thus, before you begin your treatment course, you need to understand the differences between the two modern skin care alternatives: crystal and diamond systems.

What are the differences between the systems?

The diamond system has long been the backbone of traditional skin care and facial rejuvenation methods, but has recently been joined by a new competing system: Crystalline Microdermabrasion. Companies that compete for dominant market share in the industry consistently exaggerate the advantages and disadvantages of both systems.

So, which side will provide the best exfoliation, exfoliation of dead skin microparticles? What is the most beneficial treatment for your skin? Is one really superior to the other? Read on to find out some facts that can help you shape a motivated decision.

Процедура алмазной Микродемабразии
Diamond microdermabrasion procedure

How does the Crystalline System work?

To begin with, this is a comparatively new system that has shown good results. The crystalline method is an ablative procedure. That is, the processing of the crystal is carried out by ablation. The term “ablation” can simply be explained as a process that removes the outer surface of an object (in this case, dead keratinized skin cells) by applying and exploiting the force of an air stream carrying microparticles of alumina crystals acting as an abrasive material.

Crystalline microdermabrasion works using a special hand-held nozzle in which a high-speed stream of aluminum oxide crystals moves through two tubes. A stream of crystals is blown into one tube with a high pressure of air and cleanses your skin. Through another tube, this stream with crystals and remnants of purified skin is pumped out by means of a vacuum into a special container for sucking and storing this unwanted slag. In other words, crystalline microdermabrasion is most easily thought of as the process of “sandblasting” of dead skin cells.

How does diamond microdermabrasion work?

The working process of Diamond Microdermabrasion is slightly different, and this leads to slightly different results of skin cleansing. The diamond procedure is best thought of as a work involving the abrasion process. Think of the process of abrasion as erasing a drawing with a pencil, with an eraser attached to it. This process is similar to how a cheese grater works. In reality, a doctor or beautician “polishes” debris from the surface of your skin. A standard Diamond Microdermabrasion skin treatment session involves using a special device with a diamond abrasive tip around the edges of the tube, through which a vacuum will suck out the remnants of abraded skin from the surface of your face. This Diamond Microdermabrasion process requires only one flexible pumping tube, as opposed to two tubes for Crystalline Microdermabrasion.

Question: about a man against a machine. Who will win?

We can agree that both Crystal and Diamond microdermabrasion methods have the same main task – to free the skin of the face from keratinized and dead cells. Although there are significant differences in the methods they use.

With Crystalline Microdermabrasion, the exfoliation of the skin with crystals is usually very technology dependent. In other words, not only the state of the apparatus nozzle is of great importance, but also the technical condition and power of the machine itself, which provides the force of the ejection of the flow of crystals and the force of suction.

With Diamond Microdermabrasion, the efficiency of diamond treatment will depend more on the person who works with you. Thus, the human factor plays the main role in this process. This is due to the fact that during diamond microdermabrasion, the doctor uses a manual pressure technique to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

Your choice is whether you choose to use the traditional diamond method or opt for the more modern crystal processing of leather instead. Your choice should be based on whether you prefer the stability of the machine you are using, or the ability of your healthcare professional or beautician to manually cleanse your skin.

Another important factor influencing your choice is the price of the procedure.

Кристаллическая микродермабразия или Алмазная микродермабразия

What factors influencet for the formation of the price of the diamond microdermabrasion procedure and the price of the crystal microdermabrasion procedure.

Immediately it is worth immediately mentioning the price of the dermabrasion procedure. Did you know that the diamond dermabrasion procedure (despite the name) is cheaper than the same time crystal microdermabrasion procedure? Here’s why. There are several differences and factors affecting the cost of the procedures. Here are the main ones:

  • In the crystalline there is a consumable – sand with crystals of aluminum oxide
  • The crystal uses a replaceable plastic tip
  • The crystal microdermabrasion device itself is technically more complicated and it has a cost several times more expensive than the diamond microdermabrasion device

Microdermabrasion works well with everyday treatments such as facial RF and photorejuvenation.

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