Care cosmetology for the face

» Care cosmetology for the face

Aesthetic cosmetology in Kyiv

Aesthetic cosmetology is something that no visit to a professional dermatologist can do without.

Any care procedure using professional cosmetics is carried out by a doctor. The doctor individually selects the method of treatment and the mechanism of action.

Coollaser Clinic offers a wide range of professional beauty treatments:

  • Facial peeling
  • Carboxytherapy
  • Face cleaning
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Professional cosmetics

Facial peeling (from the English `Peel` – cleansing) is one of the most widespread care procedures in cosmetology. This is a varied and high-quality way to remove old cells and cleanse the skin.

Уходовая косметология
The peeling season continues at the Coollaser Clinic

What is face peeling?

Depending on the methods of cleansing, it is divided into:

  • Laser.
  • Chemical.

The use of organic acids allows you to comfortably carry out a cosmetic cosmetic procedure. Chemical peeling belongs to professional cosmetics. Dermatologists say this method is more delicate than mechanical peeling.

  • Mechanical.

Carboxytherapy as a quick treatment.

A unique technique of its kind, thanks to which the skin is renewed and regenerated. It is similar to peeling, but has a fundamental difference: peeling is carried out on the upper layers of the epidermis.

How does carboxytherapy work?

Carbon dioxide penetrates through cosmetics into the deep layers of the skin and gives an amazing effect. The gas is quickly removed by the body, but its presence stimulates metabolic processes.

The tissues are saturated with oxygen and actively regenerate. Natural rejuvenation occurs without medications.

Facial cleansing, features and differences.

Facial cleansing is a professional removal of any epidermal impurities. At the end of the procedure:

  • The skin glows
  • The pores are narrowed
  • Active skin treatment due to the absence of inflammatory processes.
  • Decreases sebum production

Facial cleansing is performed by a doctor using a cosmetic loop or ultrasound. Professional cosmetics are an ideal complement to any facial cleansing.

Уходовая косметология

Thanks to high-quality components, it is able to prolong the effect of any skincare procedure.

Professional cosmetics.

Peeling, carboxytherapy, facial cleansing have the maximum effect when using professional cosmetics.

The leading countries in the field of professional cosmetics production are: Japan, France, USA and Great Britain. The best doctors use the best brands:

  • Forlle`D (Japan)
  • Dermalogica (GB)
  • DMK; Zo Skin Health; PCA skin (USA)
  • Dermaceutic (France)

We invite you to the wonderful world of high-quality facial care at the Coollaser Clinic on Pechersk.

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