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Removal of fibroids: laser excision in Kyiv

Removal of fibroids: laser excision – the basics of the procedure, types of fibroids and the method of removal.

Agree, once you find a neoplasm on your body, anxiety grows inside. For your health, future and life. We will hasten to calm you down a little, most of the neoplasms are benign.

However, the formation of a tumor or neoplasm is a serious reason to see a doctor. Do not postpone treatment until later. The sooner the doctor examines the tumor, the sooner you will heal with a calm life!

The best specialists at the Coollaser Clinic have prepared for you the most relevant information and the most frequently asked questions about laser removal of fibroids.

Indications for visiting a doctor

  • The appearance of a neoplasm
  • Height
  • Soreness
  • Color change

Fibroma. What it is?

A fibroma is a neoplasm or benign tumor. It develops from connective tissue and appears on the skin or mucous membranes. Mostly occurs in people over 50 years old.

What is fibroma?

Specialists distinguish 2 types of tumors:


About 1.5 cm, smooth surface, almost the same tone as the skin. The base of the tumor is short, so it can “hide” for a long time.

Какие бывают Фибромы картинка


Most often, a mild form of education appears in women during menopause. They are often located in groups, outwardly resemble a red or brown leather bag. Common sites of appearance: groin, armpits, neck and chest.

Fibromatosis is the location of a large number of fibroids in one area of the skin.

Can fibroids form inside the body?

Yes. Sometimes neoplasms appear on or near internal organs. Despite the benign quality, such tumors are necessarily removed. Mandatory removal is associated with organ dysfunction.

Why do tumors form?

Modern medicine doesn’t know exactly why fibroids are formed. It is quite easy to find a tumor in oneself. Small or non-pedunculated mass, firm or soft, which doesn’t cause discomfort.

Draw your attention to! Any tumor should be examined by a specialist. Please don’t try to get rid of the growth yourself. This can harm your health!

Why is a tumor dangerous?

By themselves, fibroids do not pose any danger to the body. They are easily treated or removed with a laser. The risk of complications is a fibroma that was not removed in time.

  • Any neoplasm can develop into a malignant tumor over time
  • Fibroids on the mucous membrane can cause discomfort, increasing the risk of infection
  • From an aesthetic point of view, a build-up can cause self-esteem problems.
  • Tumors of internal organs tend to grow and dysfunction.


A biopsy is a basic study that must be prescribed before the procedure. Histologists will determine the type of cells and will be able to exclude malignancy of the formation with 100% accuracy.

How is fibroma treated?

Tumor treatment involves 2 methods: laser removal or drug treatment. Which type of treatment is indicated for you depends on the location of the fibroma and its condition.

Fibroma laser removal

The most gentle and effective method of treating neoplasms is laser removal. It is performed on an outpatient basis and does not require a long recovery period.

Benefits of laser fibroid removal:

  • Fast
  • Painless (using local anesthesia)
  • Exclusion of relapse. The doctor has complete control over the length and power of the laser beam. Thanks to this, it is possible to remove the body and legs of the fibroma.
  • Fast recovery. Complete wound healing in 2-3 weeks.
  • No specific preparation for the procedure is required

The essence of the procedure

  1. Doctor’s consultation
  2. Taking material for biopsy.
  3. Disinfection of the skin.
  4. Application of local anesthesia, if required.
  5. Laser removal. The laser beam cauterizes the cells. Thus, the possibility of bleeding or infection is excluded.
  6. Reconstruction of the wound according to the recommendations of the attending physician.

Is there a scar or scar after laser removal of fibroids?

If the formation was injured, inflammation began, a scar may appear after removal. If the tumor is not inflamed, the formation of a scar is excluded.


  • Inflammatory processes
  • Infections
  • Malignant cells have been identified and a repeated histological examination is required
  • Pregnancy (consultation required)

Coollaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk takes care of your health and recommends that you contact a specialist as soon as possible.

Removal of fibroids: laser excision – don’t wait for the moment, sign up for a consultation with us!

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