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Dr. Shilina.

Master of Medicine, dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist, laser specialist of the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine Coollaser in partnership with Valikhnovski Surgery Institute. Member of the Luxembourg Guild of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology (GLMEC). An experienced specialist who considers it his duty to constantly acquire new knowledge.

“The 21st century is not standing still! Every day, new, improved methods of skin treatment and anti-aging are invented. My priority is to always be aware of innovative technologies for the best treatment of my patients! »

Доктор Юлия Шилина фото

Julia Shilina has the following qualifications:

  • Dermatovenereologist
  • Cosmetologist
  • Laser specialist
  • Conducts adult and children’s reception
  • Master of Health

And also has the first highest qualification category.


2009 Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy, doctor

2020 Internship in the USA (laser medicine clinic Miami, Los Angeles)

2020 Internship in Australia (Melbourne Laser Cosmetology Clinic, Sydney)

2020 Training SMAS-lifting Ulterapy, Kyivв

2020 French Consensus full face lifting, Academy of advanced aesthetics, Kyiv

2020 Volumization, lifting and contouring with the help of Radiesse, Academy of advanced aesthetics, Kyiv

2019 Skin Biopsy Course, Medical Knowledge Hub, Kyiv

2019 Dermatoscopy Course, Medical Knowledge Hub, Kyiv

2019 Plasmolifting course School of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine “Partner Plus”, Kyiv

2019 Course on the program “Contour Plastics“, School of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine “Partner Plus”, Kyivв

2019 Botulinum Therapy course School of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine “Partner Plus”, Kyiv

2019 Course “Removal of skin tumors” (diathermocoagulation and cryodestruction), Consulting and Training Center for Cosmetology, Department of Dermatology and Venereology NMU. A.A. Bogomolets (“Beauty Institute”), Kyiv

2019 “Aesthetic mesotherapy and biorevitalization of the skin”, Consulting and Training Center for Cosmetology, Department of Skin and Venereological Diseases, NMU. A.A. Bogomolets (“Beauty Institute”)

2019 Course on the use of professional cosmetic products KART, Kyiv

2019 Diploma of successful theoretical and practical training in the following methods: microcurrent therapy, needleless mesotherapy, ultrasound facial cleansing, diamond microdermabrasion, Alvi Prague, Kyiv

2019 Course “Algorithm for the treatment of specific skin defects: hyperpigmentation and postacne” (use of Prostrolane, Aquashine, Revofil, Idune, Dermaheal (FloSal)), Kyiv

2019 Course of acquaintance with drugs of the professional cosmetic brand Renew, Kyiv

2019 Training of the Renew cosmaceutical brand on specialized protocols for the care of sensitive skin prone to rosacea and skin in the periorbital area using acid peels, Kyiv

2019 Training of the cosmetic brand Renew on intensive rejuvenation and care of aged skin, Kyiv

2018 Training seminar: “Application of hardware techniques in cosmetic practice (ultrasound therapy, microdermabrasion, microcurrent therapy)”, Beauty Service, Kyiv

2018 Course “Cosmetology” (facial cleansing, cryotherapy, cosmetic masks, therapeutic facial massage (by Jacques). Plastic massage; cosmetic massage, scalp massage, hardware cosmetology, non-surgical myolifting, lymphatic drainage massage. Chemical peels, pointy massage). Consulting and training center for cosmetology of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology NMU. A.A. Bogomolets (“Beauty Institute”), Kyiv

2020 Online training and a special course in the USA, Florida, Miami. Specialization and practical application of Adonyss CO2 lasers


1. Dermatoscopy

2. Punch biopsy

3. Radiowave and laser removal of skin tumors

4. Non-surgical facelift

5. Non-surgical liposuction

6. Phototherapy

7. Laser grinding by medical laser CO2

8. Mesotherapy

9. Biorevitalization

10. Botulinum toxin injections

11. Cryomassage and cryodestruction

12. Microneedling

13. The use of chemical peels

14. Microcurrents

15. Non-injection mesotherapy

16. Diamond dermabrasion

17. Ultrasound therapy and phonophoresis, etc.

Dr. Shilina specializes in:

  1. Skin neoplasms (warts, papillomas, nevi, angiomas, keratomas)

2. Acne

3. Rosacea

4. Seborrheic dermatitis

5. Atopic dermatitis, etc.

Each of our professionals is worthy of your trust!

The main thing for us is to preserve your unique look, increase beauty and correct imperfections.

Coolaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk is the best doctors for the best patients!

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