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11 ways to tighten your belly skin

Skin tightening for stomach is becoming popular for the beach season. Going to the sea, do you want to wear a two-piece swimsuit again?

Skin on your stomach sagging after giving birth or after losing weight?

Do you want to remove sagging skin?

Don’t wait too long! The longer the period of flabbiness and sagging of the skin, the more difficult it is to fix it.

Nevertheless, it is possible.

Call or write to the Coollaser Clinic, we will help you tighten your stomach and skin.

Подтянуть кожу живота
The result of tightening the abdomen after 3 laser tightening procedures

How to tighten your abdomen and skin in a few procedures.

Tightening the belly skin is becoming an increasingly popular procedure. The abdomen is exactly the area where the skin lends itself to postpartum stretching and changes.

Laxity can also be observed after surgical liposuction of the abdomen. Therefore, despite her young, beautiful and well-groomed appearance, the age of a woman can give out flabbiness of the abdominal skin.

Many women lose confidence in their attractiveness due to the fact that the presence of the so-called “flabbiness of the skin of the abdomen”, well, does not fit into their elegant and youthful appearance, as a rule, hiding the real age.

We can safely assume that it’s the desire to stay beautiful as long as possible that has led to thorough and multiple medical research, as well as the development of new technologies and techniques that can prevent aging processes and reduce cosmetic defects, including those on the stomach.

Подтяжка кожи живота Coolaser clinic

Basic methods of tightening the skin of the abdomen

Fairly large number of techniques can be distinguished, aimed at combating the sagging skin of the abdomen, in the modern world.

  • Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid preparations or the patient’s own fibroblasts.
  • Plasmotherapy
  • Hardware methods – RF lifting and SMAS lifting
  • Laser lifting with CO2 laser
  • Active lifting-complex and skin flap reduction
  • Thread lifting
  • Surgical lift / abdominoplasty

The most common and simplest are the techniques associated with the introduction of injectable drugs. They help restore the lost volume of the skin, tighten and restore its elasticity. The disadvantage of injection techniques is a relatively short-lived effect.

The most cardinal methods are thread lifting and abdominoplasty, in our opinion.

Thanks to the use of special bio-threads from a material that must have the property of dissolving, a thread frame is formed from connective tissue, which provides a temporary tightening of the abdominal skin.

Abdominoplasty involves the surgical excision and removal of excess skin and excess fat. After the operation, a scar remains that is amenable to laser correction. The disadvantages of these techniques are considered high cost and relative invasiveness.

Подтяжка кожи живота
Skin tightening for stomach at Coollaser Clinic

Due to the relatively low cost, minimum of contraindications and long-term effect, the most optimal and popular solution is considered to be hardware and laser techniques.

RF lifting, SMAS lifting and CO2 laser provide a long-lasting effect and significantly improve the structure of the patient’s own skin without surgery.

Tightening the skin of the abdomen in Kyiv.

Our clinic is constantly improving, adopting the advanced technological methods of the most advanced dermatologists and surgeons in the United States.

We consider the most optimal use of laser techniques using a CO2 laser in combination with RF lifting or SMAS lifting. In some difficult cases, we recommend a thread lift or abdominoplasty.

Before starting any procedure, we recommended consultation, during which the specialist will not only inform you in detail about the possible types of tightening of the abdominal skin, but will also listen to all your wishes and agree on the treatment schedule with you in order to guarantee exactly the result you want to see.

That is why, don’t hesitate – keep your beauty, elegance and firmness of your belly skin with us. Get rid of sagging skin and excess body fat at the Coollaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk.

Call and sign up for a consultation for tightening the skin of the abdomen.

Skin tightening for stomach
RF lifting thermomagnetic body 2000 UAH
DermaPen Microneedling + Plasmolifting 3400 UAH
CO2 laser resurfacing of the abdomen 6000 UAH
SMAS lifting of the abdomen Altera (one zone) 7500 UAH
SMAS lifting of the abdomen Altera (two zones top and bottom) 14000 UAH
Mesotherapy with own fibroblasts. "Local therapy" package in combination with laser resurfacing - SPRS routing - therapy with autologous dermal fibroblasts (20 million cells) 15 000 UAH Thread lifting 18 000 UAH
Abdominoplasty with lipoaspiration without moving the navel 40 000 UAH
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