How to tighten your skin after losing weight at home?

10 effective ways to tighten your skin after losing weight at home

How to tighten the skin after losing weight – those people who are determined to achieve results ask themselves such a question. Tightened shapes, elastic skin, slender silhouette – this is the final we expect to see after the long-awaited weight loss. Hours of training, proper nutrition and exercise at home – we’re willing to go to great lengths to reclaim our dream body

Unfortunately, the mirror is increasingly showing us a different picture. Extra pounds of scales and fat go away, leaving HER behind. Sagging comes with stretch marks. And more and more often we ask ourselves questions:

How to tighten the skin of the abdomen, thighs, arms? How to remove stretch marks? How to quickly tighten sagging skin after losing weight at home? How to get rid of flabbiness?

Today the specialists of Coollaser Clinic have collected for you 10 ways to tighten your skin after losing weight that really work.

Why is this happening?

Why does the skin sag after losing weight? It’s pretty simple. Weight gain or excess weight occurs gradually, month after month. And the process of losing weight is a priori perceived as a quick and effective remedy.

During the mass gain, the dermal layers of the skin are stretched and adjusted to new volumes. With a sharp and strong weight loss, already stretched tissues cannot pull themselves up on their own.

Doctors and nutritionists warn: quick and sharp shedding of extra pounds is not safe for health. During fasting or intense, regular exercise, the hormone Cortisol is released.

Cortisol is a stress hormone. Any sudden weight loss is stress for the body. Recent research suggests that cortisol affects the reduction in collagen and elastin synthesis.

Accordingly: more stress – more – cortisol – less skin elasticity. In addition, the condition of the skin, hair, well-being and general health deteriorates.

We do not recommend losing more than 3-4 kg of weight per month. However, you ask what to do if this has already happened and the skin is saggy?

Подтяжка кожи живота
Подтяжка кожи живота

So how to tighten the skin after losing weight effectively and quickly?

Our doctors have prepared for you TOP 10 effective ways to tighten your skin quickly and effectively.

  1. Lemon or orange oil combined with lavender or castor oil can help prevent stretch marks and sagging skin.
  2. Hot shower. If you love your skin, ditch a hot shower in favor of a contrast shower. Steam and heat strip the skin of moisture, drying it out. Dry skin is less prone to adapt and tighten.
  3. Aloe vera. The multifunctional component of many drugs has many beneficial functions for the skin. Daily use of aloe vera juice or gels based on it moisturizes the skin, preventing it from sagging.
  4. Hugs of honey. Honey wraps are extremely beneficial for the general condition of the skin. Apply warm honey to the skin, cover with foil and wait 20 minutes. Regular use of this wrap will help your skin stay firm, beautiful and toned.
  5. Moisturizing cream. As we said, dry skin sags most easily. A good moisturizer will not only prevent sagging, but also nourish the epidermis with beneficial substances. It will help tighten the skin after losing weight.
  6. Exfoliant components. The abrasive substances of body scrubs perfectly exfoliate dead cells of the epidermis. The better the top layer of the epidermis is renewed, the better the skin’s protective barriers work. The best scrubs are made from sea salt and berry seeds.
  7. A good, professional massage can significantly restore tissue. Whichever one you choose, you need a competent specialist and the best equipment. The massage stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the skin is visibly tightened, becomes firm and elastic.
  8. Physical exercises. Well-chosen exercises for the home or gym work great when done regularly. The main rule is not to overdo it.
  9. Belly vacuum. When it comes to a tummy tuck, a great homemade way to tighten skin is a belly vacuum. The ancient technique will help to reduce the waist, preserve the health of internal organs, establish microcirculation of blood and significantly tighten the skin of the abdomen.
  10. A complex approach. The best thing to do at home to tighten your skin after losing weight is to prepare thoroughly. The combination of vitamin complexes, scrubs, body wraps, massage and exercise on a regular basis will help to tighten the skin after losing weight quickly and effectively.

Home remedies for tightening the skin after losing weight can have a good effect if the procedures are performed in stages, regularly and continuously. Regular care of your skin will give good results, but in the long term.


Do you want to get visible results quickly?

Want to have toned and beautiful skin in no time?

Entrust your appearance to specialists.

 Consultation with the best doctors in Kyiv at Coollaser Clinic will help you decide on an individual an ideal way to tighten the skin.

Entrust your beauty to the professionals at Coollaser Clinic and we guarantee you an amazing result.

How to tighten skin after losing weight? Our doctors know the answer!

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