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Hemangioma treatment in Kyiv

Hemangioma treatment is a treatment for a benign tumor that occurs in children and adults. Its formation is associated with the causeless proliferation of small vessels. Most often manifests itself on the neck, face and internal organs.

As a rule, hemangiomas do not cause cancer. In addition to aesthetic problems, another danger is possible – the active growth of hemangioma. It is then that the question of its immediate removal comes.

How is hemangioma treated?

How to treat and remove hemangioma quickly and permanently?

For the treatment to be fast and effective, you need to contact only highly qualified specialists.

After an initial consultation and study of the issue, experienced surgeons and dermatologists at Coollaser Clinic can tackle such a problem. However, one must be objective and understand that the possibility of one hundred percent removal can be questioned due to many factors. Let’s say frankly that we do not take on all cases.

Лечение гемангиомы


  • Visual impairment due to close proximity to the eyes
  • Rapid tumor growth
  • Ulceration and bleeding of the neoplasm
  • Reasons for education.
  • Diseases of a pregnant woman at 12 weeks
  • Genetic predisposition
  • External factors

Until now, it has not been scientifically proven for what reason the proliferation of blood vessels occurs. According to statistics, it is detected in 10% of newborns, 4 times more often appears in girls.

Almost all neoplasms tend to disappear without a trace by the age of 10 years of a child’s life. In 10% of cases, hemangioma disappears by the first year of life, in 50% by 4-5 years.

A similar tumor in an adult and a child is always secondary, that is, acquired.

To completely get rid of, to cure a benign tumor is possible only with a surgeon. Folk remedies and cosmetic preparations will not give the desired result.

Varieties of hemangiomas

For successful treatment and removal, it is necessary to determine its type. Depending on the location, structure and shape, 5 types of tumors are distinguished.

  • Cavernous

A benign tumor occurs on or below the upper layer of the epidermis. For the first time it manifests itself on the face in the form of a voluminous, rough neoplasm.

A cavernous tumor consists of dilated capillaries, which, during growth, penetrates deep into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

  • Capillary.

Strong growth of capillaries characterizes capillary hemangioma. According to statistics, such spots are found in 3 patients out of 100 who applied.

In appearance, it is a dark red spot that changes color and shape over time. The tumor located on the back of the head and eyelids disappears by the age of three.

  • Combined.

This species is found in adults and consists of a cavernous and capillary form. The tumor is located both in the subcutaneous layer of the epidermis and on the surface. Can grow into bone tissue.

The combined hemangioma does not have a clear shape.

  • Mixed.

Such a tumor consists of lymphoid, nervous and connective tissue. The appearance directly depends on the type of tissue on which the vascular lesion has appeared.

  • Racemose.

This type of hemangioma is often referred to as a variety of cavernous tumors. It is located on the hairy areas of the skin (head, arms and legs).

For an accurate diagnosis of the type of tumor and the selection of a method for its treatment and removal, a doctor’s consultation is required.

How is hemangioma treated?

At the moment, there are three main methods of treatment: medication, surgical and physiotherapy. The most effective and fastest are surgical and physiotherapeutic removal.


Treatment of a benign tumor with liquid nitrogen has been shown to be 60% effective. Cryodestruction can only be used on a hemangioma, the size of which does not exceed 2 cm.

Laser treatment of hemangioma.

We perform the so-called laser or instrumental IPL treatment and removal of the tumor using the Venus Versa apparatus. This device successfully fights many vascular skin lesions. The hemangioma may not disappear at all, but it will become less pronounced.

An IPL flash acts on a vascular lesion from the inside, inhibiting or stopping its growth. After the treatment procedure, the tumor is covered with a crust and gradually disappears. The hemangioma is not removed in one go. In its place, there remains a spot of the same shape, but already lighter. Several treatment sessions are always required.

The effectiveness of treatment directly depends on many factors. One of them is the depth of the lesion. If the hemangioma is not located deeply, then it can be significantly lightened.

For maximum effect, we recommend completing a full course of treatment consisting of several sessions. The number of sessions is set individually.

Thanks to the effect of the laser on the affected area, the tumor is destroyed within 2-3 weeks.

Surgical removal and treatment of hemangioma.

Achieve 100% of the result, that is, to completely remove the tumor, possibly with a surgical skin graft. Despite the fact that hemangioma does not develop into oncology, it can grow significantly deeper. The deeper the penetration, the more serious the complications can be.

At the site of the neoplasm, blood microcirculation is disturbed. The skin is poorly supplied with oxygen and nutrients. As a result, cracks, ulcers and hair appear in places where they should not be.

The danger of overgrowth is the possibility of damage to bone tissue. As a result, osteoparosis and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system develops.

Complete removal of the hemangioma occurs due to excision of the tumor and surrounding tissues under general anesthesia.

Hemangioma is usually painless and does not cause discomfort. However, to minimize the effects of her growth, it is recommended that her treatment be considered.

Coollaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk invites you for a consultation and selection of the ideal treatment.

Entrust the treatment and removal of hemangioma to our experienced specialists!

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