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Laser stretch marks removal in Kyiv.

Laser removal of stretch marks, as a procedure, appeared quite recently, but has already won the sympathy of many women.

Stretch marks or striae significantly affect not only self-confidence. Shyness with a sexual partner and the inability to wear an open swimsuit greatly reduce the quality of life.

We know there are many attempts to remove stretch marks at home. Many women have already tried every known home remedy. But everyone already knows that only lasers can effectively remove stretch marks. And 100% result is possible only in a clinical setting.

An experienced specialist will assess all the risks, suggest the optimal number of procedures and take into account all individual characteristics.

The Coollaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk is the best combination of a safe procedure and a high-quality result of laser stretch marks removal.


  1. Indications
  2. What are striae?
  3. Laser stretch marks removal on the body.
  4. Preparation for the procedure.
  5. Duration of the course.
  6. The rehabilitation period
Фракционная лазерная шлифовка
Remove stretch marks, striae in Kyiv


  • A sharp change in body weight
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Regular intake of hormonal drugs
  • After pregnancy and childbirth
  • Genetics

What are striae?

Stretch marks or striae are a cosmetic defect in the skin. They appear when changes occur in the human body. The elasticity of the epidermis is disrupted and the skin breaks under tension.

Лазерное удаление растяжек в Киеве
Laser removal of stretch marks in Kyiv at Coollaser Clinic. The work of Dr. Mashkova V.S.

The most susceptible to stretch marks are people whose BMI (body mass index) exceeds 30. Bodybuilders are also at risk – they have this skin defect on the shoulders and back.

The risk of developing stretch marks is increased due to genetic predisposition. If your mother or grandmother had stretch marks after pregnancy, most likely you will also have them.

Absolutely all information about a person is genetically laid, including the ability of the skin to stretch.

Laser stretch marks removal on the body.

Laser therapy is currently the most effective method for removing stretch marks from the whole body. Laser stretch marks resurfacing in Kyiv gives better results than plastic surgery.

The essence of the procedure.

A beam of laser light, penetrating the skin, sends impulses to the body. They stimulate skin renewal processes. Heat energy causes tissue remodeling. The skin heals quickly, and new healthy ones are formed in place of its removed layers.

The results of this process are intensive skin regeneration, lightening and reduction of stretch marks. The effect of laser stretch marks removal depends on the severity of the stretch marks and their age. The older and deeper are stretch marks, the more difficult it’s to remove them.

Laser resurfacing of stretch marks in numbers.

3-7 days. The shortest rehabilitation period is possible thanks to the world’s thinnest Coolaser CO2 beam.

10-20 minutes. The laser resurfacing procedure takes a minimum of time.

2 degrees Celsius. Skin is cooled during laser stretch marks removal at this temperature.

100% result. Laser resurfacing of stretch marks gives high efficiency, on par with surgery. The Coolaser CO2 is very popular for its excellent treatment of skin imperfections.

How do I prepare for the procedure?

Убрать расяжки киев
Remove stretch marks in Kyiv on Pechersk at the Coollaser Clinic.

Before the procedure, the doctor conducts a consultation and collects an anamnesis in order to understand whether the procedure will help solve the patient’s problem.

During the consultative conversation, diagnostics and the appointment of procedures are carried out, their number and frequency are determined. The doctor finds out if the patient has contraindications to this type of treatment.

If not, it determines the possibility of combining laser resurfacing with other methods, such as IPL Photorejuvenation or Plasmolifting.

In difficult cases, it’s the combination of different methods of laser resurfacing that will allow you to get the desired result.

Лазерная шлифовка растяжек Фото До и После
Laser stretch marks treatments

To avoid pigmentation after laser treatment, you can’t sunbathe 5-7 days before and 5-7 days after each procedure.

Laser resurfacing of stretch marks in Kyiv is non-invasive and almost painless.

An advanced cooling system eliminates any discomfort, so there is no need for additional anesthesia. After the procedure, only short-term, slight redness and swelling (up to 2 days) can be observed.

What course of procedures is required?

The duration, the result of treatment and the price of laser removal of stretch marks in Kyiv depends on many factors:

  • Аge of stretch marks – how long have they appeared on the body;
  • С Red – occur in the early stages, this is the inflammatory phase. White – already healed scars in the atrophic phase;
  • Тhe type and size of stretch marks depends on their location on the body.

On average, a patient needs about 10 sessions to completely get rid of stretch marks.

The rehabilitation period and consolidation of the result.

Almost immediately after the procedure, the patient can return to their daily activities.

However, you shouldn’t forget to watch your skin for the first few days. At this time, it is advisable not to use soap and alcohol-containing cosmetics.

It’s also important to refrain from scrubs and other skin irritations. Any mechanical action on the skin must be avoided for 2 weeks.

 Only 1-2 procedures per year will prolong the effect of laser stretch marks removal. Excellent results are shown by prophylaxis with fibroblasts or stem cells.

Лазерное удаление растяжек фото

Why does laser removal of stretch marks worth going through in Kyiv at the Coollaser Clinic?

We use exactly that unique equipment and treatment protocols, thanks to which Kim Kardashian removed stretch marks.

For a comprehensive solution to the problem, we use a combination of different techniques.

Our clinic is focused on the American School of Laser Medicine and Cosmetology and therefore we are equipped with the appropriate equipment only with FDA (USA) certificates.


  • Oncology
  • Diabetes
  • Herpes
  • Fresh tan on the body
  • Propensity to scars and acne
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Coollaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk – it’s experienced specialists and the best equipment in the country.

Laser stretch marks removal – allow yourself a beautiful body!

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Шлифовка СО2 растяжек 10 х 10 2500 грн
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