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How to tighten the eyelids: operating and non-surgical blepharoplasty in Kyiv

How to tighten the eyelids: surgical and non-surgical blepharoplasty is the most important information for the patient before surgery. Blepharoplasty is the most popular plastic surgery on the face. For many years of experience in the use of blepharoplasty has accumulated a lot of speculation and rumors.

When do I need blepharoplasty? Is it possible to do blepharoplasty before the age of 40? What is the danger of blepharoplasty and what can be the consequences?

Coolaser Clinic surgeons will answer these and other questions of concern to patients.


  • Plastic surgery of the eyelids
  • When do I need an operation?
  • The essence of the procedure
  • Types of operations
  • Preparation for eye surgery
  • Who performs the operation at the Coolaser Clinic
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cost
  • Photos before and after eyelid surgery
  • Popular questions about blepharoplasty
  • Myths about eyelid surgery
  • Complications
  • Contraindications
  • Conclusion

Plastic surgery of the eyelids-blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery that is performed on the upper and lower eyelid. At the initial consultation, the specialist examines the eyelids and assesses the possibility of non-surgical correction.

In some cases, non-surgical blepharoplasty may be indicated. When the condition of the eyelids is severe and complicated by a large amount of sagging skin or the presence of hernias, the specialist considers the option of plastic surgery.

For decades of experience, plastic surgeons have honed their skills so much that the result exceeds all expectations. With proper professionalism, not even scars remain, and rehabilitation is as easy as possible.

обвисание век фото

When do I need blepharoplasty?

  • Sagging upper eyelids
  • Sagging lower eyelids
  • Ptosis
  • Hernias
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Edema
  • Wrinkles and deep creases
  • Congenital pathologies of the eyelid
  • Deformity as a result of injuries or other operations
  • Eye incision asymmetry
  • Reduced vision quality

The essence of the procedure

The essence of plastic surgery on the eyelids is to correct imperfections, change the shape of the eye and correct the consequences of injuries and operations.

Depending on the condition of the patient’s eyelids, a decision is made about surgical or non-surgical intervention.

What are the types of blepharoplasty?

In the 21st century, there are many options for performing eyelid surgery. To do this, use 2 main directions: plastic surgery and hardware correction.

Each of the types has its own characteristics, pros and cons and is selected individually. Modern plastic surgeons often use a combination of procedures to achieve maximum results.

Types of blepharoplasty: plastic surgery

  • Upper classic

The upper classic is a plastic surgery of the upper eyelid only. It is often prescribed by an ophthalmologist to improve vision. It can combine the removal of sagging skin and the lifting of eyebrows. The incision is made in the fold of the skin.

  • Circular

Maximum result when correcting the entire eye. An effective way to rejuvenate the eyes and restore the aesthetic appearance. Incisions are made on the lash line, in the upper and lower crease.

  • Transconjunctival

Transconjunctival or seamless eye plastic surgery. An incision or puncture is made on the growth line of the eyelashes or the mucous membrane (conjunctiva). Fast recovery and the absence of any scars and scars.

  • Lower

Lower blepharoplasty is performed on the lower eyelid. Eliminates bags under the eyes, tired eyes and puffiness. It is performed only for cosmetic purposes. During the operation, the fat layer is completely removed or redistributed.

  • Canthopexy

Surgical correction of the lower eyelid with raising the outer corner of the eye. Eliminates tired and sad eyes. Cosmetic surgery.

  • Singapore

Another name is ethnic (deorientalizing) plastic. Correction of the Asian eye towards the European eye by adding creases on the upper eyelid.

  • Combined operation

Combined eyelid surgery involves a combination of different techniques, both surgical and hardware. The most popular combinations.

Lower open correction of molar sacs

  • Top classic + lipofilling
  • Lower + Face lift

Non-surgical blepharoplasty

Hardware, laser, and injection methods of eyelid correction are sometimes referred to as non-surgical blepharoplasty. The results of such procedures can be compared with plastic surgery.

Laser fractional CO2 polishing of the eye and eyelid areas

Laser fractional blepharoplasty is one of the most effective methods of eye correction without surgery. At the same time, laser eyelid surgery is considered the most delicate method.

Laser resurfacing of the CO2 zone of the eyes and eyelids is based on the process of vaporization of cells without burning. As a result, the processes of rejuvenation and protein synthesis (collagen and elastin) are restored.

The advantage of this method is absolute safety and almost complete painlessness. The absence of a long rehabilitation period and scarring make laser blepharoplasty an ideal procedure.

  • RF lifting (thermal lifting)

RF lifting or radio wave skin lifting activates the synthesis of collagen fibers. Heating cells with radio waves stimulates cell renewal and regeneration. Pronounced lifting is noticeable after 1 procedure.

  • SMAS lifting Altera

SMAS lifting on the Altera machine-lifting, rejuvenation and restoration of the skin at all levels of the dermis. The effect of ultrasound has a beneficial effect on all levels of the aponeurotic system: the cells of the epidermis, dermis, nerve and muscle fibers.

Collagen spirals under the influence of ultrasonic waves are stretched, significantly tightening the skin.

  • Enzyme Therapy Medical Low PBSerum

Enzyme therapy that can rejuvenate the skin of the eyelids without surgery. A unique drug based on lipase and collagenase, developed specifically for the correction of tissues with edema and fibrosis. Also, enzymes perfectly correct fat deposits.

Lipolytic injections Lipolytics or injection lipolysis – rejuvenation of the eyelids using special drugs. As a result, the subcutaneous fat layer is split. The injections contain vitamins, acids and enzymes and are selected individually.

  • Filler injections

Injections of fillers are aimed at forming the contour of the eyes. The procedure corrects the shape and volume of the eye and removes wrinkles. Most often, injections of hyaluronic acid are used.

  • Lipofilling of the eyelids

A corrective procedure aimed at replenishing the fat layer in the upper or lower eyelid. It is often necessary to eliminate the consequences of unsuccessful blepharoplasty (senile eyelid).

  • Blepharoplasty with preservation of the fat layer

The most natural type of blepharoplasty. It is also aimed at rejuvenation and correction of the eyes, but with the preservation of the natural volume and shape of the patient. The fat layer is redistributed and a soft contour is formed.

  • Mesoeye Injections

A unique injection drug created specifically for the rejuvenation of the area around the eyes. The drug has a complex, biochemical formula and is used primarily to moisturize, strengthen and improve the quality of the skin.

убрать малярные мешки

How to prepare for plastic eye surgery?

If we are talking about hardware, laser or injection blepharoplasty, the preparation will be minimal. It includes:

  • Consultation with an ophthalmologist
  • Preliminary consultation of a specialist
  • Laboratory tests (general blood test)
  • Giving up bad habits
  • Individual training based on the patient’s characteristics

In the case of preparation for plastic surgery, the patient must undergo the necessary tests. You will receive an accurate list of studies and specialists at a preliminary consultation.

  • Consultation with an ophthalmologist
  • Preliminary consultation with the surgeon. The specialist will assess the condition of the eyelids, the amount of work, the type of operation and possible contraindications. You may also need additional consultation with an ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, anesthesiologist or dermatologist.
  • Laboratory diagnostics (general blood test, biochemistry, general urine test, blood clotting and blood type)

Which of the doctors does blepharoplasty in our clinic?

In order for the operation to bring the desired results, it is necessary to carefully choose the operating surgeon. We cooperate with one of the best ophthalmologists in Ukraine. Sergey Gavrilyuk is a unique specialist with extensive experience.

In 2012, he received a patent for a special model used in ophthalmic surgery.

In 2011, he worked in the clinic of Albania, which was opened by Svyatoslav Fedorov, one of the greatest ophthalmic surgeons of the 20th century.

“…after the first day of surgery in the Albanian branch of the S. Fedorov ISTC, Sergey was appointed to the position of the leading plastic surgeon of the Uzlova clinic. The invaluable experience gained together with Russian, Albanian and Italian surgeons allows Dr. Gavrilyuk to perform the most complex and non-standard operations…»

Rehabilitation after blepharoplasty

The recovery period is individual and depends on many factors. The type of blepharoplasty, the amount of work, the state of the body and immunity. And also directly depends on the experience of the surgeon and the conscientious execution of patients of all appointments.

Laser blepharoplasty, RF lifting and SMAS lifting do not require a recovery period. Immediately after the procedure, you can return to the normal pace of life.

Injection correction of the eyelids does not have a specific rehabilitation. Individual complications may occur (allergy to the components of the drug or rejection of the injection of the body).

The rehabilitation period after plastic surgery is individual. On average, it is from 14 days to 4 months.

The cost of surgical blepharoplasty

The cost of plastic surgery of the eyelids is individual and depends on many factors, ranging from the type of operation and ending with the patient’s condition. The price of surgical blepharoplasty can range from 800 to 1500 euros in hryvna equivalent.

Photos BEFORE and AFTER blepharoplasty

фото до и после блефаропластики фото

What complications can there be after blepharoplasty?

If you choose a high-class, experienced surgeon, a reliable clinic and the right method of operation, the results will be pleasing for many years to come. However, there are some risks of complications.

For your safety, we have compiled a list of the most possible, but rare, complications. We would like to remind you that following the doctor’s prescriptions before and after surgery will help to minimize the risks of complications.

Who is to blame for the complications after blepharoplasty: the doctor or the patient?

Individually. The lack of experience and professionalism of the doctor in the preparation and conduct of the operation can provoke a complication.

Ignoring or not following the doctor’s recommendations for training and rehabilitation; using home remedies for recovery; home injuries worsen the patient’s condition and the result of the operation.

  • prolonged edema
  • bleeding
  • bruises and bruises
  • acute eye and headache
  • protrusion of the eyeball
  • eversion of the eyelid
  • infectious infection of
  • the cyst
  • photophobia (reactions to light)
  • lacrimation
  • asymmetry
  • drooping eyelid
  • divergence of sutures


  • Why do bags form under the eyes? Because of the voids that form in the area of the lower eyelid. Over time, this leads to bags and bruises under the eyes
  • When can I apply makeup after blepharoplasty? Individually and depends on the type of correction and the amount of work. The recommended time limit is after 10 days.
  • When will the eyelids heal after surgery? Individually. The average period of complete healing and restoration of tissues is 4 months. Then you can see the final result.
  • How to remove “crow’s feet” type of wrinkles? Such facial wrinkles around the eyes, like crow’s feet, are not removed by plastic surgery. You can remove crow’s feet using hardware cosmetology. For example: SMAS lifting, laser blepharoplasty, rf lifting, thermolifting and botox injections.
  • When can I wear contact lenses after blepharoplasty? Individually and depends on the rate of healing. After an average of 14 days.
  • What is the danger of blepharoplasty? If you follow all the rules for choosing a doctor, performing surgery and rehabilitation, the risks are minimal. In some cases (rarely), serious consequences of blepharoplasty are possible:

– severe visual impairment

– vascular disorders

– pronounced asymmetry

– partial or complete loss of eyelid innervation (difficulty blinking or loss of control over opening and closing the eye)

– significant aesthetic deformation of the eyelids

– bacterial and infectious infections (as a result of violation of the rules of asepsis)

When are the stitches removed after blepharoplasty?

It depends on the type of operation and the sutures. On average, for 4 days.

When can I wash my face after surgery?

Light washing without the use of special products is allowed from 5-7 days after the operation. Until then, we do not recommend touching the skin. You can take a minor temperature shower for 2 days.

The head can also be washed at a minor temperature for 2-3 days after the approval of the surgeon. It is necessary to observe the rule that when washing your hair, do not tilt your head down and do not use hot water.

Where is it better to do blepharoplasty?

It is best to do blepharoplasty in a clinic that you trust. Be guided by both common sense and your own feelings. Sometimes your intuition is right.

When choosing a clinic, be sure to check the availability of a license and permission for operations, education, and experience of the surgeon. Do not hesitate to ask for photos of the results before and after blepharoplasty, as well as read reviews on the Internet.

Is it possible to do blepharoplasty for hyperthyroidism?

Hyperthyroidism is a possible contraindication to plastic surgery, an endocrinologist’s consultation and laboratory diagnostics are required. If the hormone levels are normal, and the form of hyperthyroidism does not cause concern, blepharoplasty can be done.

Is it possible to perform blepharoplasty during menstruation?

No, menstruation is a contraindication for performing any non-urgent (vital) operations.

Why do my eyes not close after eyelid surgery?

Unsuccessful blepharoplasty of the upper or lower eyelids can lead to eye disorders. If you have difficulty closing your eyes or blinking after surgery, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Possible causes: errors in the operation, violation of innervation, inflammation, muscle injury, dryness of the eyeballs, and so on.

Myths and truth about Blepharoplasty

Мифы о блефаропластике фото
  • Plastic surgery is not recommended until 40-MYTH

There is an opinion that up to 40 years there is no need to resort to plastic surgery. However, the expediency of surgical intervention is determined not by age, but not by a specialist with a personal consultation.

For example, birth defects or the consequences of injuries are absolute indicators for eyelid surgery, even at a young age. In the last couple of years, blepharoplasty to correct the Asian eye has become extremely popular.

  • Circular plastic is better-A MYTH

Among women, there is a myth that it is better to undergo a circular blepharoplasty once than separately the upper and lower ones. On the one hand, this is true, because there will be only one general anesthesia and rehabilitation.

On the other hand, from the point of view of the result, this is fundamentally not true. With a pronounced excess of skin on the lower eyelid, plastic surgery of the upper eyelid is not necessary at all. An experienced surgeon will always tell you which option is ideal in your situation.

  • The operation can only be done once-A MYTH

Of course, this is a big misconception. Blepharoplasty can be performed as many times as necessary to achieve the goal and as much as the patient’s skin allows.

Almost every person at least once in their life has seen a photo of a person who overdid blepharoplasty. In such cases, repeated operations do not make sense, since they will rather aggravate the effect than improve the result.

  • After blepharoplasty, you can wear makeup-A MYTH

This statement is fundamentally incorrect. Depending on the type of blepharoplasty, it is necessary to refrain from cosmetics for a while. After SMAS lifting or RF lifting, you can use cosmetics immediately.

But after plastic surgery on the eyelids, you can start to paint already on 6-7 days after the operation and removal of stitches.

  • Hernias can return after removal-THE TRUTH

Some experts believe that the appearance of hernias on the eyelids is justified by a genetic factor. That is, the removal of a hernia does not guarantee that it will not return after a while.

A hernia is an excess of paraorbital fiber that is located around the eyeball. In fact, during the operation, the hernia is removed without affecting its bed. Yes, in very rare cases, it is possible to return a hernia.

In any case, the removal of a hernia with blepharoplasty will allow you to enjoy the perfect view of the eyes for a long time. No one will give you a 100% guarantee that the hernia will return or not return.

  • The operation will change the shape and cut of the eyes in any case-A MYTH

Eversion of the eyelid, senile eye, cadaverous eye – the worst fears arise in patients when considering surgery. Yes, in some rare cases, this is possible.

A professional surgeon, high-tech equipment of the operating room, a lot of reviews and a trustworthy clinic are the best way to avoid complications.

Properly conducted preparation, surgery and recovery does not change the shape and cut of the eyes, if the patient does not want it.

  • Non-surgical blepharoplasty is better than surgery-MYTH

Non-surgical and classical blepharoplasty should not be put in the same row for comparison. These two types of eyelid correction, although they sometimes have similar results, are initially aimed at a different degree of correction.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty is not suitable for patients with an abundance of sagging skin, which makes it difficult to see. Plastic surgery is not necessary for patients with minor changes in the eyelids.


Please note! We take care of your health, so you need to provide your doctor with full information about your health status at a specialist’s consultation.

We perform operations only in the absence of contraindications, both general and individual. Compliance with this rule allows you to preserve your health and avoid serious consequences.

  • Oncology
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Blood diseases
  • STDs
  • Infections
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Dermatitis and eczema in the acute stage
  • The presence of neoplasms of unclear etiology (temporary contraindication)

Coolaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk combines all the necessary conditions for the perfection of each procedure and operation.

How to tighten your eyelids: surgical and non-surgical blepharoplasty – the most complete and reliable information collected in one place, which you have been waiting for.

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