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Operation Fox Eyes Lift

Operation fox eyes lift is the hottest trend of 2021! Bella Hadid, Kendal Gener, Jennifer Lawrence, Arianna Grande, Kim Kardashian – world celebrities one after another resort to trendy plastic surgery.

Лисий взгляд
Supermodel Bella Hadid’s fox look

Fortunately, we live in an age of high technology and absolute accessibility. You don’t have to be a world famous model to have Fox Eye surgery.

How Bella Hadid’s appearance changed after Fox’s gaze operation:

Как менялась внешность Беллы хадид

Thanks to this simple plastic procedure, the eye shape changes, it becomes almond-shaped, acquiring a fox squint. The drooping eyelid opens the eye, makes the gaze more attractive and languid.

Indications for surgery for Fox Eyes:

  • Heavy drooping eyelid
  • Sagging skin
  • Drop of the eyebrows
  • Age-related changes in the skin of the forehead and eyelids
  • Aesthetic desire for transformation

Not every woman is born with such a unique eye shape. In the East, it is poetically called the “eye of a gazelle.”

However, at Coollaser Clinic it is possible to correct this annoying misunderstanding! Our best surgeons will bring the face closer to the desired beauty ideal.

How to achieve the almond-shaped gaze effect?

Лисий взгляд фото

Fillers for the fox look

An extremely popular technique used by the best cosmetologists. The forehead, temples and eyebrows are filled with fillers of varying degrees of density. Thanks to this, the outer corner of the eye rises, giving the gaze of its owner a “predatory” effect.

The great advantage of fillers is the smoothing effect. Together with the fox gaze, the patient acquires smoothed eyelid skin.

The rehabilitation period is significantly reduced, but the duration of the effect is also reduced to 1 year.

Lifting with Aptos threads

Self-absorbable threads are surgically implanted under the patient’s skin. The front frame is strengthened. With the help of anchors at the ends of the threads, the surgeon fixes the tissue in the desired position.

The effect of the operation lasts for 2-3 years.

Лисий взгляд

Endoscopic lift

The longest lasting effect of the operation can only be obtained by surgery.

The specialist cuts the excess skin in the eyebrow growth area. As a result of the “fox gaze” operation, the eyebrows are raised, the eyelids acquire the necessary bend.

The effect of the surgery lasts about 10 years!

Below you can see the result of the operation Fox Look in the Before and After photos.

Лисий взгляд фото
Operation Fox gaze. The work of a surgeon at the Coolaser Clinic Gavrilyuk S.V.


  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Oncology
  • Allergy
  • Infectious and viral diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Blood diseases

The operation is the most popular facelift performed in 2020. For patients with complicated natural data, experts recommend using a combination of techniques.

We care about your health. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination before plastic surgery. Consultation with a surgeon, donation of blood for analysis, examination by an ophthalmologist.

Get one step closer to your dream with the Coollaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk!

Sign up for the Fox’s Eye Lift operation now!

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Операция Лисий взгляд (хирургическая) 39900 грн
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Specialists in the procedure

Гаврилюк Сергей Григорьевич фото

Gavrilyuk Sergey Grigorievich

Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon

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