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Dr. Yuliia Kichyk

Kichyk Yuliia has 2 higher medical educations. Dr. Kichyk is a cosmetologist, a certified rehabilitation specialist. Specialist in the field of hardware, laser and injection cosmetology. Plastic surgeon assistant at Coolaser Clinic.

Dr. Yuliia Kichyk is a member of the Luxembourg Guild of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology (GLMEC). Expert user of ZEMITS products.

The doctor specializes in the following cosmetic procedures:

Besides of aesthetic procedures for the appearance of that body, Dr. Kichyk is the assistant of a plastic surgeon. It is also possible to carry out a correction of complications in the post-operative rehabilitation.

The doctor successfully carried out correction of the figure in patients with epididymis. Effectively uses a new American apparatus for the use of local fat deposits – cryolipolysis.

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