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Why Hollywood stars use Ulthera SMAS-lifting for rejuvenation

SMAS Lifting is an innovative procedure used to tighten the skin and fight wrinkles. Today, many celebrities include it in their regular skin care routine. One of the most popular brands offering the SMAS lift procedure is Ulthera. In this article, we’ll look at why Hollywood stars love the Ulthera brand so much.

Why Hollywood stars use Ulthera SMAS Lifting for rejuvenation

What is SMAS-lifting?

SMAS-lifting is an innovative procedure that allows you to tighten your skin and fight wrinkles. SMAS is short for Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System, which means the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system. During treatment, the doctor uses the Ulthera machine to help tighten the skin and smooth out wrinkles.

What is Ulthera?

Ulthera is a U.S.-made brand that specializes in the SMAS lifting procedure. They offer a powerful and effective method of skin tightening using ultrasound technology.

Ulthera claims that their method can significantly reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin health.

Why Hollywood stars use Ulthera SMAS Lifting

Celebrities in Hollywood are always trying to look fresh and young, and many of them resort to machine cosmetology procedures to achieve this goal. Ulthera has become popular among celebrities because of its effectiveness and minimal side effects. In addition, the treatment is quite simple and requires no recovery time at all.

Several celebrities who have attended the Ulthera procedure have been mentioned in various magazines and media outlets.

Why Ulthera Radiowave Lift is interesting to magazines and newspapers

Radiowave lifts generate a lot of media interest, especially when celebrities talk about their experiences with the procedure.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood stars use Ulthera SMAS-lifting

For example, Cosmopolitan published an article about Kim Kardashian having an Ulthera procedure at her beauty salon.

Kim shared the experience on her Instagram page, which led to a huge amount of comments and discussion.

Another famous star who has resorted to Ulthera is Courtney Cox. She mentioned the procedure in an interview for People magazine.

Courtney Cox and Cynthia Nixon apply SMAS elevator
Courtney Cox and Cynthia Nixon

An article in Allure magazine noted that Jennifer Aniston also attended Ulthera sessions to maintain her youthful appearance.

In addition, it was recently reported in the media that Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman also regularly undergo the Ulthera SMAS elevator procedure. Their names were mentioned in articles in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

In an interview for InStyle magazine, Catherine Zeta-Jones admitted that she regularly attends Ulthera sessions and believes it helps her maintain her beauty.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Hollywood stars use Ulthera SMAS Lifting
Catherine Zeta Jones

Celebrities recommend the procedure on social media

Typically, these celebrities not only undergo the Ulthera SMAS elevator procedure, but they also recommend it to their fans and followers. For example, Kim Kardashian mentioned the procedure on her Instagram page and Courtney Cox shared her experience on her Facebook account.

Celebrities share their experiences

Some celebrities have also talked about why Hollywood stars use Ulthera SMAS Lifting in interviews for magazines and other publications.

Courtney Cox also shared her experience with the procedure in an interview for People magazine.

One celebrity who has had the Ulthera SMAS elevator procedure is Julianne Moore.

Julianne Moore applies the Ulthera SMAS elevator
Julianne Moore.
She talked about her experience in an interview for Allure magazine, where she admitted that she chose the procedure to maintain her youthful appearance and improve the condition of her skin. She also shared that the procedure was somewhat painful for her, but her patience and confidence in a positive result helped her get through the difficulties.

Another celebrity who has undergone the Ulthera lift is Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba does the SMAS
Jessica Alba

She also talked about her experience in an interview for InStyle magazine, where she admitted that the procedure has helped her eliminate some wrinkles and improve her skin overall. She also emphasized that it is important to have the procedure done only by experienced and qualified professionals to avoid possible complications.

The next celebrity to undergo the Ulthera procedure is Cynthia Nixon. In an interview for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she revealed that she chose this type of facelift to improve her skin condition and maintain her youthful appearance. She also emphasized that it is important for her to use natural and safe methods for skin care, so she chose Ulthera.

Who was criticized by the press after the Ulthera procedure
Some celebrities who attended the Ulthera CMAS elevator procedure received negative reviews from the press and the public.

Kim Kardashian with her doctor
Kim Kardashian with her doctor

After Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her face after the procedure, some critics accused her of looking unnatural and overdoing her cosmetic procedures. Some media outlets have been critical of this, accusing stars of making their faces look unnatural.

Which media outlets criticize SMAS and why

There have also been reports in some media that the Ulthera SMAS elevator procedure can be dangerous to your health and lead to serious side effects.

The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Independent wrote about this. In those articles, the authors pointed out some of the risks and possible side effects of the procedure, such as tissue damage, scarring, and an unnatural facial appearance. They also stressed the importance of having the procedure performed only by qualified professionals and following all instructions.

The New York Times Criticizes That Hollywood Stars Use Ulthera SMAS Lifting
However, it should be noted that most experts in the field of cosmetology and dermatology believe that the procedure Ulthera SMAS Lifting is safe and effective if carried out in accordance with the instructions and only by qualified professionals in certified clinics, not in salons by beauticians.

Hollywood stars use Ulthera SMAS-lifting

As in any field, criticism can be based on individual experience or opinion, so each patient must evaluate the risks and benefits of the procedure for themselves based on their individual needs and abilities.

Although Ulthera SMAS Lifting has aroused interest in the press and the public, it is important to remember that this is a serious cosmetic procedure that should only be performed by qualified professionals. Each patient should consult with their physician to assess their individual needs and capabilities.

Дженифер Энистор Пользуется СМАС лифтингом Jennifer Anistor Uses SMAS Lifting
Jennifer Aniston.

Every patient should understand that the Ulthera SMAS elevator procedure has its own risks and side effects, so it is important to discuss all possible risks with a professional dermatologist before undergoing the procedure.

No matter what Hollywood stars use Ulthera SMAS Lifting

However, Hollywood stars use Ulthera SMAS Lifting because they believe the procedure helps them to keep their skin young and attractive, and they choose it for the best results.

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