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G-Shot therapy. Increase the sensitivity of the G zone

G-Shot therapy. Increasing the sensitivity of the G zone provides new, unforgettable sensations during intercourse.

The G zone, which is located in the projection of the anterior wall of the vagina, was described in 1940 by a gynecologist from Germany Ernst von Grafenberg (in honor of him it is designated by the Grafenberg point). It’s one of the main anatomical areas of stimulation for a woman to reach orgasm.

G-Shot терапия

This area is located approximately 2-6 cm from the entrance of the vagina and is an accumulation of nerve endings and one of the first-order erogenous zones. Mechanostimulation of the latter increases sexual arousal, which in turn leads to the achievement of orgasm.

The challenge is to enlarge the G-spot by doubling its original size to adequately increase stimulation during sex.

Hyaluronic Acid is a filler formulated as a gel that is used to shape and contour the body. As a natural component of the skin, hyaluronic acid binds water and thus helps maintain and increase volume.

Since during arousal the vagina is stretched, and this area may be inaccessible for stimulation during intercourse, a number of manipulations are carried out in our clinic to achieve harmonious sex in a couple. Injections aimed at augmentation of the G zone with hyaluronic acid helps to increase its volume, which will make this area more accessible for activation during sexual intercourse.

Of the obvious advantages of G-Shot therapy, it can also be noted:

This procedure helps to reduce the volume of the vagina and also increases the moisture content of the vagina during intercourse.

– These processes take place due to the normalization of metabolism in cells and tissues, while improving blood supply, as well as enhancing tissue trophism.

– Due to the G-shot therapy procedure, the tone of the vaginal tissues increases, they become denser and more receptive to stimulation.

These three factors help in enhancing the sensations of both women and men, regardless of posture, and also contributes to the appearance of completely new sensations, improving the sex life of the couple.

Who conducts the G-Shot therapy procedure, increasing the sensitivity of the G zone?

Our doctor, Maria Shcherbak, was trained back in 2010 and received a certificate in the field of injection gynecology. Has performed more than 700 of these procedures.

“Today’s medicine is not only health, but also complete well-being in all spheres of life. Sexuality and sexual satisfaction are the cornerstones of overall well-being, ”says Maria.

G-Shot therapy is indicated:

  • Congenital curved vagina, in which access to the G-spot is difficult in certain positions or not at all.
  • Wide vagina, in which the G zone is not accessible for normal stimulation.
  • Involuntary urination with increased mobility of the urethra.
  • Decreased libido, insufficient sexual satisfaction of the woman, lack of orgasm.

What is rehabilitation with G-Shot therapy?

Full rehabilitation takes place within 1-2 days. During this period, sexual abstinence is necessary, as well as visiting steam rooms and swimming pools – these are the only restrictions during rehabilitation.

The result of G-spot augmentation lasts on average for 6 months, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as on the selected drug. To maintain sensitivity as long as possible, maintenance injections are recommended every 5 months.

How does G-shot therapy work?

The procedure is performed with or without local anesthesia. The desired area is treated with an antiseptic 3 times, then a drug, certified in Ukraine, based on medium density hyaluronic acid is injected into the submucosal tissues of zone G. Then, a single antiseptic treatment of the injection area takes place. The procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes.

In our clinic, we use only certified drugs.

Due to filling, this area significantly increases in volume, which in turn contributes to constant stimulation during intercourse.

Thus, it takes less time for a woman to reach a vaginal orgasm, and the sensations become richer and more intense.

Also, filling the G zone with hyaluronic acid reduces urethral hypermobility, which is one of the main causes of urinary incontinence. Therefore, thanks to this procedure, We are able to help a woman in solving two problems at the same time.

O-Shot Therapy is the latest trend in the field of aesthetic gynecology. Mainly used to increase the sensitivity of first-order erogenous zones, as well as to remodel the vulva and vagina, it has a number of advantages.

What is the principle of the O-Shot Therapy procedure?

The procedure revolves around the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

In a special test tube designed specifically for this procedure, blood is taken from the patient and placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the blood. It is important to note that the type of centrifuge used is critical when it comes to determining the success of the procedure. In the clinic, we use a first-class centrifuge, and we also use only lux category PRP tubes. The doctors at Coollaser Clinic use only the best drugs and materials for working with patients in order to ensure the best possible result for their patient.

The PRP is then injected into various areas of the vagina such as the clitoris and the upper vaginal area and the G area. The PRP starts working immediately as the growth factors begin to rejuvenate the tissues in that area. Due to angiogenesis, new blood vessels are formed in the area, which makes the area more sensitive to various kinds of stimulation.

This procedure is also ideal for women who experience pain during intercourse due to lack of proper natural lubrication. Vaginal lubrication is caused by the flow of blood to the area during arousal. Since PRP causes new blood vessels to form, the vagina is now easily lubricated.

G-Shot терапия

Another “side effect” of O-Shot therapy will be the pinkish tinge visible on the clitoris, resulting from the new blood vessels formed by the PRP.

How is the procedure going?

The entire procedure takes 45 minutes, with most of the time spent waiting for the PRP to centrifuge. Blood is drawn from the patient with a syringe, the blood is poured into a sterile PRP tube, then the tube with blood is placed in a centrifuge, after which an anesthetic cream with lidocaine is applied to the patient. Then Dr. Maria Shcherbak prescribes an injection of PRP, after which the patient can immediately return to normal activities. Due to its short duration and lack of side effects, this procedure is often referred to as the “lunch break” procedure.

The O-Shot practice uses clinically proven platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate the tissues of the vulva, vagina and enhance sexual pleasure. Platelets immediately activate localized stem cells in the body and begin to rejuvenate and revitalize the function of the vagina and clitoris, as well as increase the sensitivity of the G zone through the formation of new blood vessels. This rejuvenation process helps women experience orgasms during intercourse and increases the strength of the latter. Not only does it help women feel confident about their sexuality, but when women reach climax, a hormone known as oxytocin is released in the body, which reduces stress and gives an improved sense of well-being.

Who carries out this procedure?

This procedure in our clinic is carried out by Shcherbak Maria, Candidate of Medical Sciences, who brought this procedure 2 years ago from the United States and was the first to start using it on the territory of Ukraine. Maria underwent more than 150 of these procedures and at the moment her experience in using this procedure is included in the list of studies of the world society of aesthetic gynecology.

Shcherbak Maria is one of the few doctors trained to perform this breakthrough procedure professionally.

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