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Professor, dermatovenerologist of the highest category Fedorovich Pavel Vladimirovich

Fedorovich Pavel Vladimirovich. Professor of the Department of Military General Practice – Family Medicine of the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, doctor of dermatology and venereology of the highest category.

Федорич Павел Владимирович

For more than 25 years of work in this field:
📌 he has trained more than a dozen specialists of dermatovenerologists, as well as more than one hundred general practitioners for the Ukrainian Army;
📌 he became a co-author and co-owner of diagnostic test systems for the molecular biological method of detecting the DNA of intestinal and oral trichomonads, as well as giardia in the human genitourinary system;
📌 he has written more than 300 articles published not only in Ukraine, but also abroad;
📌 he became a co-author of several textbooks on the specialty.

But the most important achievement can be considered hundreds of grateful patients – men and women.

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