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How to quickly reduce the waist in Kiev

How to reduce the waist is a topical question for the summer season. In the world more and more words about body positivity, and we fully support them. Our dearest women, we love you real!

But we also understand how important it is for any woman to look like a million. And what better way to complete the look than with a well-defined waistline?

похудеть в талии

The Coolaser Clinic specialists are ready to help you and share the secrets of how to reduce your waistline at home and with professional methods.


How to reduce the waist at home?




Special exercises for a slim waist

Simple Habits

How to slim your waist with the help of professionals?

RF Venus Versa

BTL Vanquish

CMAS Body Lift


Massages (types of massages for thin waistline)


Non-surgical liposuction

Surgical waist reduction


How to make a thinner waist at home?

Even in ancient times, women were compared to graceful, but strong and flexible trees. To hear such a compliment as “you have a cherry waist” or “horny waist”, even now no woman will refuse.

Yes, the size of the waist is largely determined by genetics and body type. But there is no need to despair, we know how to fix it.

A moderate and varied diet regime

It sounds hackneyed, but the quality of nutrition affects a person’s appearance. And it’s not just about eating right. An eating regimen should be varied and moderate. In this way, the intestines will work properly.

The diet should include healthy fats: fish, nuts, chocolate, avocados, rapeseed oil, soy, tofu.

Since meals should be in moderation, nutritionists advise eating smaller portions but more often. In this way, you will avoid overeating and bloating.

A sufficient amount of fiber helps the intestinal function. Especially nutritious and healthy are: oats, peas, apples, citrus fruits, nuts, beans and green vegetables.

Clean drinking water. During the day, especially during the summer season, it is better to give up drinking tea, coffee and juice in favor of plain, pure water. And adding lemon, mint or raspberries to it will help you drink it with great pleasure!

Cut back on convenience foods. Prepared, frozen foods are rich in sugar and salt. Salt retains moisture and leads to a bloated tummy. You can only dream of a horny waistline in such a case.

If you choose a diet, choose wisely. To give your body a beautiful waist, it is important not to overdo it with weight loss. By refusing to eat or “sitting down” to a mono-diet, you increase the risk not only of losing weight, but also of developing chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

Be sure to consult a specialist! Your doctor will help you choose the optimal diet according to your individual needs. Remember that dieting can be detrimental to your health!

Regular Exercise

The 21st century has the greatest abundance of fitness centers, fitness coaches, nutritionists, and personal trainers mankind has ever seen! In this incessant stream of new methods and ways, “how to reduce the waist in a week by 10 cm,” it is important to keep your head.

First, decide exactly what you need. If we are talking about a healthy, trim and resilient body with a beautiful waist, regular exercise is necessary. It is best to go to a sports center. There, after a body scan, they will help you select a set of exercises.

Group exercise programs

Strange as it may seem, a high result can be achieved both by training individually and in group exercises. Coaches explain this by the greater motivation, when you are alone, you are focused only on your results. But when you practice in a group, you aim to improve your results time after time.

As a result, collective motivation and a natural competitive spirit bring greater results in much less time.

To get a slim waistline, non-strength group programs will do the trick. Usually, such classes are aimed at returning flexibility, slimness and grace to the body:


Pilates slowly but surely develops muscle flexibility and joint mobility in the body. Great emphasis is placed on developing the transverse abdominal muscles. By strengthening the muscular frame, we get a slim waist and a straight posture.

Yoga in hammocks

Many people love yoga for its tranquility and unique sense of peace and oneness with their bodies. During the exercises, it is practiced to increase the overall stamina of the body. Few people know that yoga in hammocks or aerial yoga greatly increases the load and gives an even greater effect.


Stretching is a group exercise that focuses only on increasing the flexibility of the body’s mobility. Popularly it is often referred to as stretching. This is where you can learn to stand on a bridge or sit on a transverse twine in a fairly short time.


Dancing of all kinds helps to make the figure more refined, the waistline more emphasized, and the body more enduring. Who would refuse to shine on the dance floor to a fiery rumba or salsa?

Dancing, be it sports or oriental, is one of the most enjoyable ways to slim your waist quickly.

Important! Excessive determination can lead to an increase in muscle mass. The stronger your muscles get, the bigger they become. And the harder it is to reduce your waistline later.

If you are happy with your body and just want to know how you can reduce your waist at home, just follow our tips. We always offer you only proven methods.

Special exercises for a slim waist

Please note! Some exercises have contraindications. Their effectiveness depends on the regularity and correctness of their performance.

Exercises for the transverse abdominal muscles

This kind of exercises will help to strengthen the muscular frame, tighten the abdominal organs and outline a beautiful waistline.

Plank exercise

  • Plank

By devoting just 60 seconds each day to the plank, you’ll be surprised at how much your body can change! Your stamina will increase and excess moisture will go away. A nice bonus will be a flatter and tighter stomach.

  • Side bar

Side plank for the waist

The side plank is a variation of the classic exercise. This variation is more focused on working out the rectus, oblique and transverse abdominal muscles. As a result of regular performance and building up time of performance, you can achieve high results.

The abdominal line will become more graceful, tighter, and the waist will become slimmer.

  • Curls

How to quickly reduce your waistline

Abdominal Vacuum

The abdominal vacuum has been known for a long time, but it was originally most beloved by bodybuilders. After all, the vacuum is a simple exercise that gives a magical posture to the back, strengthens the abdominal organs and outlines a hollow waistline.

Despite its ease of performance and obvious effectiveness, the abdominal vacuum has a number of limitations.

Frank Zane Mr. Thin Waistline

Meet Frank Zane, the progenitor of the vacuum

However, the real popularity and worldwide fame of the exercise for a thin waistline was brought by… Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Арнольд Шварценеггер уменьшает талию

Arnold Schwarzenegger slimming waistline

In this photo, taken in Arnold’s youth, the then already famous athlete clearly shows the correct execution of exercises to reduce the waist.

The right pose. Vacuum for a thin waist can be done in any comfortable position – on the back, standing, sitting and even on your knees.

Breathing. During the exercise, you need to breathe correctly, through the nose. Before the vacuum, you need to take a deep breath and slowly, on the exhalation, start the exercise.

The main thing is to be healthy. Yes, the daily practice of the abdominal vacuum will bring significant results quite quickly. It is especially useful for women.

Contraindications. Before you start exercising, we recommend consulting with a specialist, especially women after childbirth. The thing is that diastasis (or muscle divergence) is an absolute contraindication, which we can not always determine on our own. Also, the exercise cannot be performed on a full stomach, during menstruation or in the presence of inflammatory processes.

Increasing the weight of the upper third of the body

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a naturally “hourglass” figure. But it can be corrected! If you have patience and increase athletic exercises on the shoulders and chest, you can increase the upper third and visually reduce the waist.

The most important thing in any athletic exercise, especially those aimed at increasing muscle mass, is not to go overboard. Remember that excessive physical activity, especially combined with extreme diets, causes serious damage to health

Simple habits for a slim waist

If you are wondering how to reduce the waist quickly and at home, useful habits will suit you. This method is ideal for anyone who does not have the time or desire to go to the gym regularly.

The power of a habit should not be underestimated. Experts say that it takes exactly 21 days for the habit to become a normal part of life. For 21 days follow the same steps, without changing them under any circumstances.

And after 21 days you will no longer feel lazy or uncomfortable, your body itself will adjust to the new conditions.

Abdominal Retraction

You might think, based on the name, that a vacuum and a retraction are the same thing! They generally are, but there are significant differences. The abdominal vacuum is an exercise designed to strengthen your health and muscular frame. And abdominal retraction is a healthy habit!

Don’t believe it? Just try controlling yourself throughout the day and retracting your belly whenever you notice it relaxing. Some women use a simple reminder trick that is sure to keep you from slacking off.

A thin belt or tight rope is put on your waistline and tied a couple of centimeters narrower than your own volumes. Thus, every time you will relax your belly, the belt or rope will be uncomfortable pressure. You will have to retract your belly to get back into a comfortable position!

You can wear the belt over your clothes, but it is advisable to hide the rope. In this case, others will be surprised by your thin waist and only guess how she managed so quickly? Just do not give out our secret to anyone!

Of course, this tiphack “how to make the waist thin quickly and at home”, will also work for men. In addition to the fact that you will look more trim, the little reminder under your clothes will prevent you from overeating

Wearing a corset

More often than not, when we hear the word corset, we imagine whale mustaches, tons of tailor deliveries, and unfortunate health consequences. Nowadays, a corset is as good as any waistline exercise. Besides the obvious aesthetic transformation, a corset also has healing properties.

Support for the back. It does not matter how old you are or what you do. If you are familiar with a constant pain in the back, especially during exertion, it is difficult for you to keep your back straight – the corset is your salvation.

Prevention of organ prolapse. In addition to supporting the back, a corset also keeps the abdominal muscular frame and organs in their physiological place.

The most important rule is that the corset should sit well, be physiologically correct. It should not be tightened too much, so as not to damage the internal organs.

Otherwise, the corset will really quickly make a thin waist and graceful posture! Suitable for both men and women.

Natural Cardio Exercise

By this term we mean daily physical cardio exercises. We know how hard it is mentally to get in the mood for a daily run around the house. But what about a long walk?

Try taking long walks of at least an hour in the evening, after dinner. On foot or by bike, on roller skates or scooter. Such exercise is pleasant, it makes you feel better, normalizes sleep and the work of internal organs. As a pleasant bonus you will note the reduction of the waist.


If you still do not know what a hulahoop is, we hasten to please you. Hulahoop is a reinforced hula hoop, which is often provided with balls on the inner circle. Just 10-15 minutes a day, and you will not recognize yourself! Boks significantly decrease, and the waist becomes thin and pronounced.

Please note! Each person has its own peculiarities of the body structure. Therefore, good habits and workouts may not give results or give only a slight improvement for a long time. If you want a slim waist here and now, we recommend turning to professionals.

How to reduce your waistline with professional methods?

Agree, we live in an amazing time. Achievements of modern medicine do not cease to amaze. Now it is possible to change yourself for the better without prolonged physical activity, exhausting diets and months of waiting for the result.

Do you want to reduce your waistline quickly? We offer to your attention the most effective medical procedures, which will give you the desired results already tomorrow!

 RF Venus Versa

Thermomagnetic RF body lifting is a unique procedure for beauty and youthfulness of the skin. RF Lifting tightens flabby skin, corrects cellulite and improves your silhouette.

Why is rf body lifting so effective?

Electromagnetic fields thermally affect the skin and fat deposits. In other words, the fat cells are heated to 42C and broken down, after which the body eliminates them naturally.

In addition to correcting fat deposits, the rf lifting procedure strengthens connective tissue and promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is this point that is extremely important in weight loss. When centimeters in the waist are reduced, the skin often does not have time to adjust to the new volumes.

RF lifting helps to get rid of this problem and prevents the formation of flabby and saggy skin during weight loss.

RF Venus Versa has a significant difference from other similar devices. It combines electromagnetic and radiofrequency action, which constantly changes the poles of exposure.

It is the comprehensive approach that helps the patient get a slim waist with the rf elevator.

Time of 1 procedure: 30-40 minutes.

Number of sessions: individually, on average 10 sessions.

Pressotherapy in combination with BTL Vanguish

Pressotherapy in combination with non-contact RF on BTL Vanguish device is a fantastic substitution for a classic massage. For example, 1 procedure of pressotherapy may be compared in its efficiency to a whole course of the classical manual massage.

Pressotherapy is able to correct your silhouette, outline a slim waistline and remove excessive centimeters.

One of the biggest benefits of BTL Vanguish pressotherapy is its ability to affect lymph flow. And namely the strength of the immune system, the body’s ability to fight swellings and many other things depend on the normal lymph flow.

Prevention and removal of edema

Normalization of the natural excretion of fats and fatty acids from the body.

Improvement of the synthesis of immune cells.

Immunity stimulation

Lymphatic drainage or pressotherapy has become in recent years the favorite method for losing weight quickly and without harming the body. We perform the procedure on BTL Vanguish, which has been recognized as the best lymph drainage device in the world!

Pressotherapy has a number of contraindications: pregnancy, menstruation, thrombosis or thrombophlebitis, a pacemaker, diseases of the cardiovascular system. We strongly recommend that you consult with a specialist prior to pressotherapy.

SMAS body lifting

The SMAS body elevator has the same fantastic benefits as the facial smas elevator. It is a procedure that works at the level of the aponeurotic system. In other words, it is an ultrasound-guided skin tightening of the body, which takes place at different tissue levels, from the muscles to the nerves.

It is this comprehensive approach that has rightfully earned the love of patients around the world! SMAS body lifting not only gives the visual effect of skin tightening and volume reduction, but literally transforms us from the inside out.

CMAS body elevator is indicated for all patients age 18-65 who wish to achieve a slim waistline and return elasticity and tightness to the tissues.


STV or shockwave therapy was an unfamiliar novelty until recently and many had little understanding of what it was. Meanwhile, it is possible to get a slim waist in a short period of time with the help of UWT.

The essence of the procedure is the effect of infrasound, which is not perceived by humans. A micro-trauma of the tissues is created, which stimulates many important processes:

Improved blood supply and oxygenation of all tissues and cells (at the site of exposure).

Increased synthesis of collagen and elastin, which are directly responsible for the condition of the skin, as well as positively affecting the bones, muscles and joints.

Restoration of the decalcification process, which reduces the calcium content in cells. Restoring normal calcium levels helps return elasticity to tissues.

Shockwave therapy X WAVE is excellent for removing scars, scars, successfully copes with cellulite and stretch marks, as well as helping in recovery from joint disease.

Interestingly, the SWT procedure is often used in athletes after competitions or during rehabilitation after professional injuries. UWT has a preventive effect on muscle atrophy, improves muscle tone and visibly corrects body contours.

Thus, using UWT to restore a thin waistline can improve overall well-being and increase the health of many body systems.

Massages (types of massages for a thin waistline)

You can use almost any type of massage in order to give the shape grace and reduce the volume of the waist. Choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

During the procedure, an experienced massage therapist qualitatively works on the selected area for correction. Many people do not believe it, but in fact even a manual massage is capable of giving the desired shape volume, removing edema and correcting fat deposits.

The doctors of Coolaser Clinic of aesthetic medicine recommend the following massages as the most effective for correction of the figure:

Lymph drainage massage has all the same properties as pressotherapy, but it is performed manually. According to the feedback from our patients after the massage, pressotherapy has a faster but stronger effect. And the lymph drainage manual massage is a more delicate counterpart.

Sports massage is an indispensable procedure for all athletes. It does not matter if you need to prepare for training or recover from competition, the massage helps relieve tension and restore muscles. In addition, sports massage models the figure and fights extra centimeters in the waistline.

Classic massage is chosen by patients who like to achieve results with great comfort. At first glance, it’s just stroking and rubbing. But in fact there is a significant prevention of water stagnation, the fight against cellulite and the overall strengthening of the body. Waist reduction as a gift.

Canned or vacuum massage is a long-known method for combating many problems. Lift flabby skin, remove cellulite, restore tone, improve blood circulation and nutrition in the cells. Such a procedure will not only give you the desired figure silhouette, but also significantly improve your health.


Cavitation or lifting cavitation is an unprecedented way to fight excess weight. If you want to remove excess fat and reduce the waistline as quickly as possible, this method is ideal for you.

Ultrasonic cavitation effectively removes cellulite, combats the initial stages of obesity and corrects the effects of previous liposuction. Ultrasound has an amazing effect on the fat cells – they literally burst.

Thanks to this action, you can easily remove extra centimeters on a large area of the body, as well as to deal with local deposits. 

Cavitation is one of the best non-surgical methods of liposuction. An additional consultation with a specialist is required.

Non-surgical liposuction

In our clinic you can undergo such procedure as non-surgical liposuction of the abdomen. This procedure consists of a set of procedures that includes Vanguish ME. It is an innovative way to reduce your abdomen and waistline quickly, effectively, and most importantly, safely.

Vanguish ME concentrates on localized fat deposits and literally destroys them. Non-surgical liposuction is considered a high-tech procedure that can help you lose weight quickly and get the waistline of your dreams.

Surgical waist reduction

Of course, hardware procedures for rapid weight loss show high results only in mild cases of initial weight gain. If there is too much excess skin and the amount of fat deposits is significant, the doctor may recommend waist reduction through plastic surgery.

Як зменшити талію

Waist reduction surgery has been popular since the middle of the last century. Topping the list of the most beautiful and famous celebrities are Marilyn Monroe, known to us from the movie “In Jazz is for Girls” and Raquel Welch – star of the movie “One Million years BC”.

Also underwent plastic surgery to reduce the waist many actresses and singers. Here are some of them:


Demi Moore

Janet Jackson

Dita Von Teese

зменшити талію

The essence of surgery is to reduce the protrusion of the rib arch.

Liposuction and abdominoplasty

Surgical liposuction and abdominoplasty is another cardinal surgical method of getting a waspy waist.

Липосакция живота
The operation was performed by the surgeon Kemkin V.

No need to be afraid! Our best, experienced surgeons literally work miracles. With us, any surgical procedure aimed at correcting the figure will be fast, safe, and absolutely effective.

The type of surgery and method of operation chosen only by the surgeon after personal examination of the patient. His choice is influenced by many things, including the individual characteristics of the body, contraindications, age and age-related changes.

Абдоминопластка в Киеве и липосакция Хирург Кемкин
The operation was performed by the surgeon Kemkin V.


Each type of weight loss has its own contraindications. We care not only about beauty, but also about your health. That is why we recommend you not to neglect to consult a doctor. It is an experienced doctor who will help you determine the safety and advisability of slimming.

Usually, the list of contraindications includes:




Presence of a pacemaker

New growths of unclear etiology

The recovery period after operations

Postpartum period

Diabetes mellitus

And so on.

To summarize.

How to reduce the waistline – today we have shared with you the best, and most importantly working ways to lose weight. Each of the methods has been tested for years by thousands of patients. All of them are safe and have great results. We remind you, however, that you need to turn to professional methods to get exactly the result you expect and in the shortest possible time.

If you have difficulty choosing a machine procedure to reduce your waistline, we are happy to help you decide and suggest an option that is right for you.

Coolaser Clinic in the center of Kiev on Pechersk guarantees you high quality and efficiency of each procedure.

How to reduce the waistline – do not waste months on diets and exhausting training, trust us and we will make you a beautiful waist!

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