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What is IPL rejuvenation?

What is IPL rejuvenation: intense pulsed light and how it works. Over the past 20 years, rejuvenation technologies have made great strides. Today, it is not necessary to go under the surgeon’s knife to tighten the skin and remove age spots.

Coolaser Clinic specialists will tell you in detail about the unique IPL technology: intensive pulse light.

Что такое IPL фото

IPL – intensive pulse light

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a type of light therapy. Light therapy is used for skin rejuvenation and treatment, prevention of wrinkles, removal of pigmentation and excess hair. A more common name is photorejuvenation.

What will IPL photorejuvenation give me?

  • Removing age spots
  • Sun Pigmentation Treatment
  • Freckle removal
  • Correction of dilated veins (varicose veins)
  • Correction of birthmarks
  • Rosacea treatment
  • Treatment of the vascular network on the face
  • Removing excess facial and body hair

What is the difference between IPL and laser resurfacing?

Light therapy is quite different from laser therapy, although it has some similarities. Laser beams act on the skin in a localized, pointwise manner.

IPL therapy uses a large number of waves and acts directly on a large area of the skin. Some have compared the principle of IPL to a camera flash.

The intense light pulse is scattered and less focused. Its rays penetrate into the middle layers of the epidermis without damaging the top layer of the skin.

Cells absorb light energy and convert it into heat. This amount of heat destroys the pigment and hair follicles. Thanks to this, the skin regains an even color and smoothness.

IPL therapy can be used anywhere on the body. However, we do not recommend using IPL if you have a keloid disposition.

How to Prepare for IPl Therapy?

  • Sunbathing and sunbathing is not recommended
  • Some medications need to be canceled in 14 days (consultation with a doctor is required)
  • Exclude the use of chemical peels on the selected area of the skin
  • Avoid any injections 14 days before the IPL procedure
  • It is not recommended to use creams based on vitamin A and glycolic acid during the preparation period.

Stages of the IPL procedure

It is important for us not only to enhance your beauty, but also to preserve your health. To do this, we recommend that you consult a specialist before the IPl procedure.

An experienced specialist will identify possible risks or individual contraindications.

  1. Specialist consultation
  2. Cleansing the epidermis. The better the skin is cleansed, the easier it is for light pulses to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis.
  3. Anesthetic cream. IPL therapy is considered one of the most painless procedures. But for your comfort and peace of mind, we will apply local anesthesia.
  4. We will wear special black glasses to protect your eyes.
  5. IPL skin phototherapy. Patient reviews compare IPL skin phototherapy with a slight tingling sensation or a slight burning sensation.

Processing time: 20-30 minutes. The time may vary depending on the individual or the selected area of the skin.

Number of procedures: 3-6 sessions. The number of sessions can be increased depending on individual characteristics. For example, removing unwanted light-colored hair will require more treatments than removing dark hair.

Benefits of IPL phototherapy

  • Painless
  • Fast
  • Intense pulsed light does not damage tissue.
  • Minimal risks of complications
  • Does not cause an allergic reaction

Potential risks

We know how important it is to be knowledgeable before any procedure. Therefore, we will honestly tell you what you can see in some cases.

  • Redness, tenderness, and swelling. This is a normal reaction of the body, which will pass without additional effort during the first day.
  • Bruising and discoloration of the skin. Rare enough. Usually it is associated with low professionalism of the doctor and illiterate radiation settings.
  • It is very rare, but it can occur if the doctor does not follow the rules for performing the procedure. We ask you not to trust specialists without education or in questionable institutions!

IPL phototherapy performed by a competent doctor using a high-class device does not cause risks and complications after the procedure.

What can replace IPL?

  1. Laser resurfacing.

Laser treatments use the point effect of a laser beam on the epidermis. Laser resurfacing is great for removing age spots, freckles and scars.

Наталья Валевская омоложение

Laser resurfacing gently removes the top layer of the skin, helping it renew itself. Can be used on all skin types, even tanned ones. The number of sessions with laser resurfacing is much less than that of IPl phototherapy.

  1. Fraxel laser treatment.

Fraxel laser therapy is a non-ablative method. It penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis without damaging the top layer. Fraxel is great for correcting sun pigmentation, wrinkles and acne scars.

Works best in combination with an ablative laser (laser resurfacing). No special recovery from the session is required.

Microdermabrasion is a gentle method of exfoliating the upper layer of the epidermis using abrasive particles. Microdermabrasion is more commonly used to remove age spots and sun spots.

Compared to laser resurfacing, the result will require more procedures. The duration of the result will be much shorter compared to IPL skin phototherapy.

  1. Laser hair removal.

A highly effective and durable way to get rid of unwanted hair on the body and face. The laser beams penetrate into the deep layers of the skin without damaging the upper epidermis. The laser acts on the hair follicle, the energy is converted into heat, which destroys the bulb.

Several sessions guarantee long-term, high-quality results. It usually takes more sessions to remove blond hair.

Contraindications to IPL therapy

  • Tanned or dark skin
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Open wounds
  • Viral and infectious diseases
  • Individual contraindications

The cost of IPL phototherapy: from 500 UAH. The exact cost depends on the selected skin area and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Coolaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk takes care of the beauty of your skin.

What is IPL? Is your ideal way to heal and correct your skin.


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Melnichenko Lyubov Sergeevna

Master of Medicine, Beauty expert, cosmetologist, Laser specialist Melnichenko Lyubov Sergeevna. General practitioner. Has 2 higher medical education civil and military. A practitioner who took part in combat zones. One of the best specialists in Kiev in the field of treatment and removal of scars. It will help to solve any of your problems, suggest the best treatment and recovery option.

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Аліна Вінська
Аліна Вінська
Робила лазерне шліфування шкіри обличчя у лікаря Юлії. Все сподобалось, результат хороший. Обов‘язково прийду ще до неї взимку) Дякую за гарний сервіс♥️
Пришла в куллазер на фонофорез после операции в другой клинике к Любви Сергеевне и стала постоянным клиентом. За два месяца процедур с моя ситуация значительно улучшилась. Доктор также правильно подобрала мне уход для лица и процедуры по моему типу кожи. Далее попала к Сергею Григорьевичу и тоже осталась супер довольна. Очень помог мне решить мою проблему, современный подход, ответственно относится к пациентам, всегда идет на встречу, за что огромное спасибо. Отдельное спасибо администратору Алене, всегда на связи, всегда находит подходящее время для записи. Весь персонал доброжелательный, улыбчивый - всегда приятно быть гостем.
Very good clinic and equipments. English spoken. Yulya was very professional and did an excellent job on my face in order to remove the imperfections. Highly recommande for procedures.
Dimitri Dimitri
Dimitri Dimitri
Юлечка Михайловна отличный специалист, доволен работой и результатом от двух процедур лазерная шлифовка (одна на средних, вторая на максимальных настройках) плюс плазмолифтинг, плюс микроигольчатый rf лифтинг. И также 2 процедуры rejuran s делал. Реабилитация 1 неделя, все процедуры делал летом, сгладились старые рубцы, новые- до 1 года практически ушли, можно конечно ещё улучшать, но в рекламе косметических средств сниматься не собираюсь, а визуальный результат меня вполне устраивает, так что очень рекомендую !)
Natalie Sozanska
Natalie Sozanska
Лучшая клиника евер 🤍🙌🏻
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Люда Люда
Клиника супер, бесит только ожидание и шум в соседнем кабинете. Так все ок
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Лариса Макаренко
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Владимир Делюков
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Юлия Исакова
Приезжали с мужем на пару дней в Киев, посетили клинику, чтобы убрать асимметрию губ. Все хорошо, доктор нормальная.
Anna Starr
Anna Starr
Спасибо клинике Куллазер за все, что Вы сделали для моего ребенка!!! Убрали шрам практически полностью, исчезла у Сына социальная дизадаптация. Сенкью, ваша Анна)

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