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How to understand the difference between laser hair removal and photoepilation?

Understanding the difference between laser hair removal and photoepilation will give us the opportunity to choose the best solution for everyone. Excess hairs on a woman’s body, like weeds on an ideal lawn, are frustrating. The classic methods of dealing with hairs are outdated long ago!

A regular razor is ineffective and does more harm than good to your skin. Hair becomes stiffer, grows faster, and grows in frequently.

An electric razor is quite painful, as it literally pulls out the hairs along with the root. If the pain threshold is high, shaving becomes a real torture. And worst of all, after such a shave, inflammation and specks can remain.

Not every woman wants to spend precious time on a daily basis shaving in the bathroom and eliminating the consequences. And then the question arises:

удаление волос на ногах

How to choose the best epilation option?

How is laser hair removal different from photo epilation?

Today the professionals of Coolaser Clinic will help to answer such a delicate question, whose experience can undoubtedly be trusted!

Common features of different methods of hair removal.

Laser hair removal and photo hair removal are the most advertised and popular ways to deal with unwanted hair.

Both methods are easy to perform, do not cause discomfort and allow you to get rid of hair for a long time. Even the principle of their work is very similar – the removal of vegetation on the body occurs due to light radiation.

Laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is an effect on the hair follicle using a laser.

A hair follicle consists of the bulb and the hair itself. The follicle contains a special pigment called melanin. It is he who breaks the light beam of the laser. Melanin, under the action of a laser, heats up a lot. Due to this, the growth zone of the follicle is destroyed.

The result is fully manifested after 8-10 sessions and is characterized by a complete cessation of hair growth.

From a safety point of view, laser hair removal does not harm the skin, since it only affects the bulb.

Before the procedure, the specialist adjusts the beam length individually for each patient.

A small disadvantage of the laser is the narrow area of the treated area and the relative pain of the procedure. Accordingly, it will take more time and patience to remove unwanted hair.

Interesting fact! For different types and colors of hair, a different type of laser is selected. Diode – for fluffy, Alexandrite – for light and red, Neodymium – for dark and hard.


Photoepilation is based on the use of IPL pulsed light. Krypton lamps impulsely and for a short time transmit light radiation at a certain wavelength to a skin area. Acting not only on the bulb, but also on the hair and surrounding tissues. Over time, the bulb completely falls out and hair growth stops.

One of the advantages of photoepilation is the painlessness, the vastness of the treated area and the possibility of using different attachments for different skin phototypes.

In addition to almost completely stopping hair growth, photoepilation has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and removing pigmentation.

Laser hair removal and photoepilation are very similar procedures, which give approximately the same result. However, to guarantee the safety of epilation and minimize painful sensations, you should carefully consider the choice of the device and the specialist.

How does the procedure time differ?

Despite the similar principle of action, laser hair removal and photoepilation differ slightly in the duration and number of sessions.

Skin area Photoepilation Laser hair removal

Upper lip 7 min – 5 sessions 20 min – 4 sessions

Armpits 10 min – 8 sessions 25 min – 7 sessions

Shins 15 min – 6 sessions 30 min – 7 sessions

Bikin 20 min – 11 sessions 60 min – 9 sessions

As you can see from the table, photoepilation will lead you to the desired result much faster and take less time than laser hair removal.


Of course, there are general contraindications to both laser hair removal and photoepilation. For an individual solution, we recommend a specialist consultation.

Varicose veins

Dermatitis and eczema

  1. Oncology
  2. Diabetes
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Lactation
  5. Tattoos
  6. Any infectious diseases
  7. Moles of unknown origin in the treated area
  8. Skin lesions in the bikini area

Despite the fact that pregnancy and lactation are not official reasons for postponing the procedure, we do not recommend epilation in such cases.

Any hair removal with light or laser is stressful for the body. For your health, we recommend to postpone epilation for a more successful period.

Now we know how laser hair removal differs from photoepilation!

Sign up at the Coollaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk and the result will delight you for many months.

What is the difference between laser hair removal and photoepilation? You know and make the right choice.


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