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Types of scars: what are the types of scars

Types of scars: types and origins of scars. Everyone who has encountered scars wants to know the answer to this difficult question. Whether it is small and invisible to the surrounding scars or large scars after surgery, it is important for us to know their type.

The type of cicatrix or scar will help the doctor determine the ideal scar treatment and correction plan. Or it can help you decide on home methods for removing scars and scars.

Today the question “What are the scars and cicatrix?” Our experienced Coolaser Clinic dermatologists will answer.

Important! Draw your attention to. We do not recommend self-medication or attempting to remove the scar at home. The methods described on the internet can worsen the condition of the scar.

Entrust the treatment and correction of scars and cicatrix to us!

– laser removal of scars on the body

– cryodestruction of scars and cicatrix

A scar or cicatrix. What is the correct name?

Photographs of scars before and after removal show that there are ways to remove scars. How to remove a scar quickly? Probably difficult. However, the result of the deletion is visible in the photo BEFORE and AFTER.

Шрамы до и после
Removal of scars before and after

At home, we often use the word “scar”. We are referring to tissue changes that remain after a skin injury: a dog bite, a fall, cuts, and even acne marks.

In a professional, medical environment, doctors use the meaning ” cicatrix”.

A cicatrix (from the Latin cicatrix – trace or formation) that remains after the wound has healed.

We guarantee quality and efficiency from any scar removal procedure.

We are lucky to live and be treated in the 21st century. All the world achievements of medicine and cosmetology are at our service. Some of them are aimed at the complete removal of scars without risks and complications.

If earlier almost nothing could be done with a household scar, today we are successfully fighting such imperfections.

The types of scars depend on their origin, size and age. The older the scar, the harder it is to get rid of it. But for the doctors of our clinic, nothing is impossible!

How is the scar formed?

Inflammation and epithelialization.

After injury or surgery, tissues begin active recovery on days 7-10. Edema subsides, inflammation persists. Bandaging the wound daily before scarring can help reduce or avoid scarring.

Young scar.

10-30 days after the violation of the integrity of the tissues. The scar is still young, during this period it is necessary to carefully protect it from injuries. The color is bright pink due to microcirculation of blood in the superficial vessels.

Mature scar.

30-90 days after injury. Microcirculation decreases, collagen fibers line up. The scar takes on an even, dense texture.

The need to protect the skin from repeated injuries remains. If an unhealed scar is injured, a keloid or atrophic scar may form.

The final stage of scar formation.

5-12 months after the intervention, the dying off of the superficial vessels in the scar area occurs. The texture takes on its final look and color.

The appearance and sensitivity of a scar may change over time.

Attention! If you notice bleeding scar or constant burning and itching, you should immediately consult a doctor. The sooner you seek help, the fewer complications will arise.

Types of scars and cicatrix

Типы рубцов картинка

In this picture, we have depicted not only the differences between scars, but also the depth of the impact of different procedures.


Нормотрофический рубец

The normotrophic scar is pale or beige in color and is flush with the epidermis. The normotrophic scar is the simplest of the scars, it is elastic and similar to the surrounding tissue.

As a rule, it does not cause pain and discomfort. Easily removed by laser resurfacing and has no complications.


Атрофический рубец

An atrophic scar can have a different color, more often shades of pink and purple (almost blue), as well as brown. Located below the level of the epidermis.

The most common example of an atrophic scar is acne and stretch marks.

Enzyme therapy: scar removal by injections


Гипертрофический рубец

The increased work of the cellular matrix leads to the formation of excess tissue. A hypertrophic scar is located significantly above the level of the epidermis. It can have an uneven texture and different colors, more often saturated shades.

A hypertrophic scar usually occurs after complex medical operations: childbirth through a cesarean section, local abdominal surgery, and so on. Or extensive domestic injuries.

Individual treatment. Surgical excision followed by laser resurfacing is often recommended.


Келлоидный рубец

A keloid or keloid scar (keloid cicatrix) is the most difficult to correct and remove. The appearance of a keloid is more often due to a genetic predisposition. A small nodule forms first.

The thickening of the tissue grows, and is not limited to the wound line. Growth can be spasmodic or gradual. Pain, burning, itching, hypersensitivity are constant companions of a keloid scar.

Important! Treatment and correction of a keloid scar should only be carried out by an experienced dermatologist. Home treatment is not allowed!

The choice of how to correct and remove a scar depends on many factors. Come to us for a consultation and we will tell you how to quickly and safely heal a scar.

Coolaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk takes care of the beauty and health of your skin.

Types of scars: what scars and cicatrix are – today our specialists have shared with you the most necessary information, be healthy!


Our team
Shilina Yulia Mikhailovna

Master of Medicine, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, laser specialist of the clinic of Aesthetic Medicine Coolaser in partnership
with Valikhnovski Surgery Institute. Member of the Luxembourg Guild of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology (GLMEC).

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