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Remove double chin without surgery in Kyiv

Remove the double chin – this is the name of a complex non-surgical procedure. It is a combined effect of thermomagnetic RF lifting in combination with RF Viva microneedle and Ulthera SMAS-lifting.

Второй подбородок убрать
Removal of the double chin SMAS-lifting Ulthera

In our clinic in Kyiv, this complex of procedures can be supplemented with injection techniques using lipolytics.

This set of procedures is recommended not only for treatment, but also for prevention.

We call the “Remove double chin” procedure without surgery a combination of THREE reliable and proven tapparat procedures:

  • thermomagnetic RF lifting Venus Versa DiamonPolar attachment
  • nanofraction microneedle RF Venus Versa with Viva attachment
  • Smas lifting Ulthera

Venus Versa ™ and Ulthera guarantee excellent results with minimal patient discomfort. The procedure “Remove the double chin” is based on modern technologies recognized in the most progressive countries, including the United States. This is backed up by the world’s most respected FDA certification. We use devices that have received many positive reviews and top awards from the world Beauty industry over a certain period of time.

Venus Versa Awards
Venus Versa Awards
  • The first stage of thermomagnetic RF lifting produces multipolar RF radiation, heats and directly stimulates fibroblasts, while the electromagnetic pulse fields act on fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis through the release of FGF-2 (growth factor). Recommended 6 – 8 procedures. In the photo below, Ukrainian singer Mila Nitich performs an RF lifting procedure to prevent the appearance of a double chin at the Coollaser clinic.
Удаление второго подбородка Мила Нитич
Ukrainian singer Mila Nitich Removes double chin
  • In the second step, we carry out the Venus Versa Microneedle RF procedure with the Viva attachment using a radiofrequency nanofractional treatment of the area under the chin. Thanks to this, the skin under the chin is visibly tightened and wrinkles are smoothed out. Recommended 2 – 3 procedures.
фракционное омоложение
Microneedle RF lifting in Kiev
  • The third stage is the Ulthera SMAS-lifting. 1 final procedure at the end of the treatment.
подтяжка тканей на уровне апоневротической системы
SMAS facelift at Coolaser Clinic

What effect will I get after a complex of procedures?

After the application of the complex of procedures, the restorative response of the tissues leads to a decrease in body fat, the formation of new collagen, new elastin fibers and an increase in the production of fibroblasts. Collagen already existing in the skin is reduced, due to which the skin tightens, becomes elastic, sagging skin in the chin area disappears.

As a rule, an additional bonus to the procedure is the alignment of the oval of the face and the disappearance of the flaps.

Is the non-surgical double chin liposuction procedure safe?

RF-radiation and SMAS-lifting have been used in medicine for many years and are proven, effective and safe technologies.

Features of the complex of procedures “remove the double chin”:

  • The patient practically does not feel any pain or discomfort
  • The procedures are non-invasive, that is, they do not destroy or damage the layers of the skin. These are non-surgical and painless procedures.
  • Many patients compare this complex of procedures with a hot stone massage
  • The procedures take approximately 30-40 minutes each
  • The number of procedures and the intervals between them is determined by the attending physician, depending on the complexity of the task and the characteristics of the patient

When does the result of non-surgical double chin liposuction become noticeable and how long does the effect last?

Most patients after a complex of double chin reduction procedures notice a positive result after the first three procedures. However, we recommend taking the full course for optimal results. We recommend combining hardware methods with lipolytic injections.

Убрать второй подбородок в Киеве
Remove double chin in Kyiv

Time and discomfort are minimal. Each procedure of the complex, carried out on one zone, takes about 30 – 40 minutes and gives a noticeable, gradually increasing result, which remains for up to 3 years.

We are located in Kyiv on Pechersk. Call Coolaser Clinic without hesitation! Become more beautiful and younger, because you already know how to remove a second chin.

How much does it cost to remove a double chin?
RF lifting thermomagnetic face 1800 UAH
VIVA neck or double chin 3100 UAH
SMAS lifting of the lower third / flew, double chin 7500 UAH
Triada (PBSerum) 1 zone 3500 UAH
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Specialists in the procedure

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