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Laser eyelid resurfacing: procedure after blepharoplasty in Kyiv

Laser resurfacing of the eyelids: the procedure after blepharoplasty-the stages of implementation and care that you need to know about. Agree, no surgical operation can take place without stitches and scars on the skin.

Scars on the skin of the body are unpleasant, but their correction can be postponed without compromising self-esteem. When it comes to such a precious thing as a face, there is almost no time to wait.

Do you dream of getting rid of your scars? Have you had a blepharoplasty, but your eyelids are still not perfect? Do you want to do a laser eyelid polish, but are afraid of the consequences?

Laser resurfacing of the eyelids is a common procedure after blepharoplasty. Even the most experienced surgeon cannot guarantee perfect healing. And laser polishing of the eyelids guarantees you a perfect result.

Today we will tell you what affects the formation of scars, the stages of the procedure, possible complications and care after laser resurfacing of the eyelids. And the experienced dermatologists of Coolaser Clinic will help us with this.


  1. Indications
  2. What is laser eyelid resurfacing?
  3. Stages of the procedure
  4. Healing of the skin around the eyes
  5. How to speed up recovery
  6. How to care for the skin around the eyes after polishing?
  7. Blepharoplasty pros and cons
  8. Expert opinion
  9. Home eye care from cosmetologists
  10. Contraindications
  11. Conclusions

When do I need to do laser eyelid resurfacing?

  • Wrinkles and creases
  • Ptosis
  • Reduced skin tone
  • Flabby skin
  • Correction of blepharoplasty
  • Complications from previous surgeries

Laser resurfacing of eyelids

фото до и после блефаропластики фото

Laser resurfacing of the eyelids with CO2 is a highly effective and affordable method of rejuvenation and correction of skin imperfections. The Coolaser technology uses the world’s thinnest laser, so the procedure guarantees quality and safety.

What results will laser resurfacing give me?

  • Significant or complete reduction of wrinkles
  • Removal of scars
  • Eyelid skin lift without surgery
  • Improving the condition of the eyelids
  • Smooth skin color
  • Significantly improved results after blepharoplasty

How does CO2 laser eyelid resurfacing work?

The essence of the procedure is extremely delicate, but important in the rejuvenation process-the vaporization of cells. In order for our skin cells to regenerate and renew normally, it is necessary to remove the keratinized layer of the epithelium.

How thoroughly, but carefully, you clean the eyelids every day, depends on its further condition. Laser resurfacing of CO2 allows you to gently remove the keratinized layer of the epithelium, while healthy cells remain intact.

Important! At the moment of fractional grinding, our body starts one of the most important processes – regeneration. The increased production of collagen and elastin has a pronounced tightening effect, the cells are restored faster.

So that you can evaluate the first changes after laser resurfacing of the eyelids, we will make sure to take your photo BEFORE the procedure. The skin of the eyelids will be refreshed, the tone will even out. After the course of treatment, you will see photos Before and After and understand why the procedure is so loved by millions of people!

How to prepare for laser resurfacing?

Preparation for fractional grinding of the eyelids after blepharoplasty includes a preliminary consultation with a specialist.

Consultation is an important stage of preparation for any procedure. We care about your health, so we recommend that you tell your doctor as much information about your health as possible.

  • The doctor will assess the condition of the eyelid skin and determine possible contraindications.
  • If there are neoplasms on the eyelids, additional consultation with a dermatologist may be required.
  • If you are taking antibiotics or any other medications, be sure to tell your doctor.
  • Refusal to perform a deep peeling for 14 days before the procedure

Steps of fractional grinding of the eyelids

  • Consultation of a specialist.
  • Remove makeup and cream residue.
  • Local anesthesia 10-20 min. For your comfort, we apply an anesthetic gel to the skin of the eyelids.
  • Removal of anesthesia and cleansing of the skin. The procedure is always performed on the well-cleansed skin of the eyelids.
  • Laser resurfacing of the eyelids with CO2.

Laser rejuvenation of the eyelids is performed simultaneously by 2 specialists, a doctor and an assistant. The doctor adjusts the depth and strength of the laser beam according to the individual characteristics of your skin. The assistant holds two cooling tubes.

Why does the doctor need an assistant during the procedure?

Laser skin rejuvenation according to our patients is almost painless or completely painless procedure. We have done everything possible for your comfort:

– the additional outflow of air instantly absorbs harmful vapors that inevitably occur during laser grinding

Безоперационная блеферопластика

– the pleasant, chilled air additionally soothes the skin, relieving even minor discomfort.

Doctor’s recommendations for the care of the eyelid skin after the procedure.

After laser removal of scars on the skin of the eyelids, our patients are interested in 2 questions. How quickly does the eyelid skin recover? How to care for the skin of the eyelids after laser resurfacing?

How long do the eyelids heal after the procedure?

Skin repair depends on many factors: the experience of the doctor, the quality of the laser, compliance with the conditions of asepsis during the procedure, as well as home eye care.

In order to be the laser scar removal procedure successful, and for the healing to be quick and easy, an experienced doctor and a good laser are needed.

What consequences can there be after laser resurfacing of the eyelids?

– redness of the skin

– slight swelling

– discomfort

– unpleasant feeling

Such symptoms are a variant of the norm. They pass independently within 2-3 days. Laser rejuvenation of the eyelid skin leaves specific traces of the laser fraction.

That is why the second name of laser grinding is fractional grinding. Fractions or crusts must not be touched, scratched, or removed mechanically.

Important! Crusts after the procedure will disappear on their own for 4-5 days after the procedure.

How to shorten the rehabilitation period?

In order for the recovery period to pass quickly and without complications, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of your doctor. Please note that the list of recommendations is individual.

  • In the first day, it is not advisable to touch the skin of the eyelids and use cosmetic preparations.
  • Do not take a sun bath or use the solarium for 1 month
  • In the first 2 weeks, avoid using aggressive cleansers, such as scrubs and peels

How to care for the skin around the eyes after laser resurfacing?

  • In order to restore the skin of the eyelids as effectively and easily as possible, we recommend home care. It can be completely natural and homemade, as well as medicinal.

Please note! If you decide to use an ointment or healing cream, it is better to consult a specialist before using it.

What your eyelid skin needs after CO2 laser resurfacing:

Clean and gentle, daily cleansing

Daily washing is the basis for a successful recovery. However, it is worth remembering that the cleaning should be as delicate as possible. Any gels and foams for washing should be labeled “for sensitive skin” or have a natural composition.

It is important to understand that during washing, you can not use hot water and rub your face with a washcloth or sponge for washing.

To clean the skin of the eyelids from makeup, you need to choose hypoallergenic products without alcohol, oils and aggressive acids.

Good hydration

The better the skin is hydrated, the easier it is to restore and renew the cells after laser resurfacing of the eyelids. Serums, fluids and moisturizers will give you high-quality hydration.

The serum is not a complete replacement for the cream, so it is recommended to apply it under your main care.

Home Alternative: aloe leaf juice has many beneficial properties for the body. In particular, its healing and soothing properties are well suited for home care of the eyelids.

Soothing gels and emulsions

In order to soothe inflamed skin, soothing eye gels are well suited. Most often, they are produced with a tip in the form of a roller and stored in the refrigerator.

The cool touch of the roller and the cooled eye gel with the right composition will help the skin to calm down and remove redness.

Home alternative: light massage with an ice cube around the eyes. To improve the effect, you can freeze a decoction of chamomile flowers. For the infusion, any herbs that you are not allergic to are suitable.


Substances such as antioxidants are familiar to many people. They are often mentioned in advertising companies. What are they for? Antioxidants are substances that bind free radicals, as well as eliminate the effects of their effects.

In simple terms, antioxidants stimulate the skin’s natural defenses. They are usually used in serums, supplemented with useful trace elements and vitamins.

Home Alternative: drink enough water. Compliance with the drinking regime helps the body to recover faster. The better we observe the drinking regime, the better our skin looks.

Enhanced sun protection

It does not matter what time of year you do laser polishing of the eyelids, in winter or in summer. Immediately after the procedure and during the first 2 weeks, it is necessary to use a protective cream.

If the procedure is performed in the summer, choose SPF with maximum protection (especially if you have pale skin). In winter, use a frost protection cream.

Whatever care line you choose, it is necessary to avoid acids (ANA and LHA), alcohol and aggressive abrasive particles (apricot seeds, salt, sugar, soda).

Pros and cons of laser resurfacing of the eyelids after blepharoplasty

Advantages of fractional grinding of the eyelids:

  • Fast and efficient.

Laser technology allows you to transform the skin of the eyelids quickly and painlessly. Effective removal of scars and charms, lifting the skin of the eyelids and smoothing wrinkles.

  • The perfect combination.

The use of CO2 laser resurfacing after blepharoplasty increases the overall result of correcting imperfections.

  • Individual approach.

The doctor adjusts the laser parameters for each patient individually.

  • No risk of complications.

The laser beam stops the blood vessels, preventing bleeding and preventing the risk of complications.

  • Short rehabilitation

The recovery period after the procedure is quite short and does not require treatment. You can return to normal life immediately after the session and use cosmetics the next day.

Disadvantages of laser rejuvenation of the eyelids:

  • Relatively high cost compared to visiting a regular cosmetologist.
  • Consultation is required to establish possible individual contraindications.
  • Preparation is required before the procedure. Preparation provides you with security.

Why does the price of laser eyelid resurfacing vary so much between clinics? Opinion of a dermatologist

This question was asked by one of our regular patients. She compared the prices of CO2 laser resurfacing and found out how much the cost of the procedure varies.

This question was answered by our dermatologist Dr. Shilina:

“Why is the price of laser eyelid resurfacing different? It’s very simple. The laser rejuvenation procedure is performed on a laser device. Depending on the cost of the laser and its production, the price may also change.

Think yourself. What is more expensive, Chinese laser equipment, which is sold on Aliexpress without a license. Or a proprietary laser that has passed clinical trials, has a license and a safety certificate?

By choosing the lowest price, you risk falling for a Chinese fake, which at best will not give a result. And in the worst case, it can provoke a serious burn of the skin of the eyelids. »


When can I wash my face after the procedure?

On the 2nd day, you can return to the usual washing with warm water. Wiping the area around the eyes with an ice cube will improve blood circulation and speed up the healing process.

Is it possible to use cosmetics after laser polishing of the eyelids?

You can use makeup on the 2nd days after the procedure. To ensure that the makeup does not interfere with the healing of the crusts, we recommend careful removal of makeup at the end of the day. Delicate, but deep cleansing of the skin from the remnants of cosmetics and sebum is necessary for a quick recovery.

Is it possible to do laser polishing of the eyelids in the summer?

Laser removal of scars on the eyelids can be done at any time of the year. This was made possible by the use of the innovative Coolaser CO2 laser.

Doctor’s advice: Protect your eyelid skin before going outside. In the summer after the procedure, use a cream with SPF protection for your skin type. In winter, apply a protective cream against frost to your eyelids.

When is it recommended to do laser resurfacing after blepharoplasty?

Only your doctor or surgeon decides when to start correcting the scars in a particular case.

On average, it should take about 6 months after blepharoplasty. It is after such a period of time that the final result of eyelid surgery is evaluated.

If by this time the skin layers have completely recovered, and the scars have completely healed and require correction, you can decide to laser resurface the eyelids with CO2.

Laser removal of scars on the unhealed skin of the eyelids is strictly prohibited

Why does the patient develop complications after laser resurfacing of the eyelids?

In case of 97% of patients, the procedure of laser rejuvenation or laser removal of scars on the eyelids goes very well. Both the doctor and the patient are completely satisfied with the results.

In about 3% of cases, complications develop (soreness, persistent edema, lacrimation, and so on). This is possible both as a result of using a low-quality laser, and in the case of individual features of the patient’s skin.

For example, if you have thin, keloid-prone skin, be sure to report it to a specialist. Individual laser settings allow you to reduce the power and depth of the laser beam exposure.


Please note that the following is a list of common contraindications for CO2 laser eyelid resurfacing. During the preliminary examination, the specialist will determine possible individual characteristics and contraindications.

  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Oncology
  • Open wounds on the eyelids
  • Neoplasms on the eyelids that require additional research
  • Infections
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Eye and eyelid infections

To Sum Up

Laser resurfacing of the eyelids with CO2 after blepharoplasty is a reliable way to remove the last imperfections, remove scars. It is laser resurfacing after blepharoplasty that is recommended by doctors as the final stage of eyelid surgery.

Coolaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv on Pechersk guarantees you 100% quality and safety from each procedure.

Laser resurfacing of the eyelids after blepharoplasty is the perfect completion of your transformation, trust us and the results will exceed your expectations!

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